Ashley Piercing Aftercare Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Ashley Piercing Aftercare

To prevent infections and ensure proper healing, it’s critical to take good care of any new piercing. Here is a complete Ashley piercing aftercare guide for quick healing.

About three to five weeks are needed for the lip to fully heal. The aftercare and healing instructions for your Ashley piercing are provided below.

What is Ashley Piercing?

One literal lip piercing is the Ashley piercing, which involves making a single piercing through the center point of the lower lip and exiting through the rear into the mouth.

An exit hole is inserted inside the mouth, and an entry point is visible on the lip in this piercing. Inverted vertical labret piercing is the official term for this type of piercing. Labret vertical labret piercing and ashley piercing are comparable.

With Ashley’s piercing, the front of the jewelry is only visible to onlookers because the hole is made inside the mouth. Because the piercing is inside the mouth, the back is concealed from view.

The Ashley piercing, in contrast, is located in a highly mobile area. Additionally, due to its proximity to the mouth, it is more likely to acquire bacteria than other piercings.

Ashley Piercing Aftercare Rules

Ashley Piercing Aftercare

You must pay extra attention to your piercing aftercare procedures because of the Ashley piercing’s distinctive location. You should avoid traumatizing the surrounding skin by limiting touching or moving the new jewelry, as you should with all new piercings. Following this Ashley Piercing Aftercare rule can be particularly challenging, though, because the piercing is right on the lips.

Especially during the initial healing weeks, pay close attention to the new jewelry. This type of piercing carries risks such as jewelry rejection, trauma that results in unsightly scarring, and breaking your teeth on your jewelry. As a result, it shouldn’t have careless aftercare procedures.

Here are some Ashley-specific aftercare tips to help you through healing:

Keep your hands off the jewelry. This will be very difficult to do because it’s in the middle of your lip, especially if you have a nervous habit of chewing on your lips. Playing with your jewelry before the piercing has fully healed, however, could result in issues like hypertrophic scarring or stretched puncture holes.

Have a toothbrush on hand for everyday use. Oral hygiene is crucial for any piercing that has a hole that exits the mouth. You must be mindful of both the front and the back of your piercing while you eat because the Ashley piercing is on the lips. To prevent infection, it’s a good idea to always have a toothbrush and toothpaste on hand so you can quickly brush your teeth between meals, even when you’re on the go.

Keep an eye out for jewelry that is too tight. All piercings are at risk from embedded jewelry, but since the Ashley piercing swells more than others, you’ll need to pay close attention. Talk to your jeweler right away if you think your jewelry is too small; they can then determine whether you need a larger item.

Protect your teeth. It can be dangerous to bite on new jewelry, but you should also watch out for any tooth damage that might result from the back of your jewelry rubbing against your teeth while you talk or chew. Although switching to a smaller stud should reduce wear against your teeth, some contact with them is still likely. You should keep an eye out for gum line receding, enamel wear, or chipping over the course of your piercing.

No lipstick. The fact that this piercing looks amazing when worn with the appropriate jewelry and striking lip colors is one of its most alluring features. Before applying foreign substances, such as lipstick, to the pierced area, you must wait until your piercing has fully healed. Remember that a piercing heals more slowly on the inside than the outside, so it’s always a good idea to check with your piercer before wearing bright lip colors.

Watch what you eat. It’s a good idea to limit your diet to soft foods for the first few days after getting pierced while you adjust to the new jewelry. This will lessen the possibility of unintentionally biting into the new jewelry item. Avoid eating anything acidic or spicy while you’re healing. In addition to being excruciatingly painful for the piercing, it will irritate the delicate skin that is healing, which could leave a scar or piercing bumps.

Use of mouthwash containing alcohol is prohibited. Similar to hot or acidic food, this will hurt and irritate the piercing. Use a mouthwash without alcohol instead, or swish some saline solution around in your mouth.

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More Ashley Piercing Aftercare Tips

For more Ashley Piercing aftercare tips, we have listed some below:

  • Watch out when eating and brushing your teeth in everyday situations.
  • Until the wound is fully healed, clean it twice a day with Medisept gel (available in our store) or Tetran cream.
  • During the entire healing period, you should rinse your mouth with Octenisept solution three to four times per day (required after meals and smoking).
  • To speed up recovery, compress with chamomile tea for 5–10 minutes each day.
  • Although the wound can be touched by clean water, healing piercings should not be submerged.
  • Refrain from touching the wound or applying creams, makeup, or cosmetics there.
  • Plasters can prevent the necessary airflow, so avoid protecting your piercing with them.
  • Aim to prevent the flat end from sinking into the lip when using the mouthpiece.
  • To avoid any issues in the event of swelling, the initial jewelry for a lip piercing is always a longer bar. When the original has recovered, a shorter one can be used in its place.

Conclusion on Ashley Piercing Aftercare

The Ashley piercing, a stunning piercing that is located directly in the center of the lip and has a higher risk of infection, is quite noticeable. Although the procedure is not painful, there will be swelling after the piercing.

Typically, the Ashley piercing heals in 3 to 4 months, but it could take longer depending on your care and your body’s ability to heal.

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What Can You Not Do After Ashley Piercing?

Throughout healing, you should avoid acidic or spicy foods. Besides being incredibly painful for the piercing, it will also irritate the delicate healing skin possibly leading to a scar or piercing bumps.

Can You Eat After An Ashley Piercing?

Eat mindfully and slowly. In the initial days, soft foods are advised.

How Long Will An Ashley Piercing Be Swollen?

You’ll probably experience swelling from your Ashley piercing after getting it done for the first time. This is normal and should reduce within a few days.

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