Ashley Piercing Pros and Cons: Must Read It!

Ashley Piercing

You may want to know Ashley piercing pros and cons before trying this exciting thing, we will outline them in this post to help you decide whether to choose it.

Many people always enjoy getting their bodies pierced. Others may find it a little frightening and intimidating. A form of body art that has been used for centuries is body piercing.

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What is An Ashley Piercing?

An Ashley piercing is a puncture through the front center of the lower lip. The ashley is a particular variety of vertical (inverse) labret piercing that has two exit holes—one on the outer lip and one inside the mouth.

Ashley Piercing Pros and Cons

The advantages and disadvantages of Ashley Piercing must be considered. Let’s discuss a few of those now.


  • It is very distinctive because it is a rare piercing style. Additionally, it has emerged as one of the most popular piercing trends on social media, particularly Instagram.
  • After having it, people won’t be able to look away. You’ll have a distinctive and current look.
  • With the Ashley Piercing, getting additional piercings is simple. Consider having a septum or combine it with snake bites. It would also look lovely when combined with Medusa. There are numerous additional pairings possible.
  • This piercing enhances your sex appeal by bringing attention to the form and beauty of your lips.


  • If the Ashley Piercing migrates, you might have long-lasting scars. Even with plastic surgery, there will not be a way to get rid of those scars. So before getting an inverse vertical labret piercing, think about it.
  • There isn’t much jewelry that you can choose from. The lip is not designed to support heavy or large jewelry. There are therefore few choices, i.e., a mini stud.
  • Because there are nerve endings in this area, the procedure is quite painful. Even though your lip may swell after the procedure, the way it alters your appearance makes it worthwhile.
  • The healing process takes longer. To prevent any chance of infection and complications, you must follow the instructions.
  • There is always a chance of gum recession and tooth erosion as the jewelry passes through the lip to the inner side of the mouth. Yes, once more, keep following the aftercare instructions as you carefully choose the proper location for the perforation.
Ashley Piercing Pros and Cons

Ashley Piercing Risks

There are risks associated with each piercing. Examine the following concerns before getting pierced:

  1. Jewelry rejection: stay away from plated jewelry and initially demand surgical stainless steel or titanium jewelry. This will lessen the possibility of jewelry rejection.
  2. Bacteria can be found anywhere, so cleaning your piercing is the first step in preventing piercing infections.
  3. When you stretch your ashley piercing with larger jewelry, the removal process occasionally leaves a scar. When tiny jewelry is worn, this is less of an issue.
  4. difficulties with the teeth or gums. Erosion of the gums or teeth can result from constant rubbing. To get an ashley piercing, find a piercer who can determine the ideal location.

How Much Does Ashley Piercing Cost?

The cost of piercings varies and typically is influenced by the piercer’s level of experience. You’ll pay a little bit more if a skilled professional performs your piercing in a studio. In the United States, Ashley piercings range in price from $40 to $55. It ranges from about 25 to 60 pounds in the United Kingdom and from about 30 to 55 euros in Europe.

Make sure the jewelry is genuine gold or silver when choosing it for a piercing. It’s important to only get this procedure done by a piercer with a solid reputation and ample experience. It’s possible for a lip piercing to be misplaced and experience a number of problems that could change the way your lip moves and looks.

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Conclusion on Ashley Piercing Pros and Cons

Ashley piercings have become trendy lately, but there are some concerns of which you need to be aware before making a decision. In addition to being attractive, these piercings have the potential to harm the tissues of the lips if they are not placed correctly. Therefore, always ensure that the professionals who perform your piercings are experienced.

Ashley piercing is a procedure that thousands of fashion-conscious individuals have happily committed to without any regrets, despite the fact that it may seem too daunting and require a significant commitment.

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Are Ashley Piercings Safe?

It’s considered otherwise safe, though, so if you know for sure you don’t have a nickel piercing, it may be one of your best choices.

What Can Go Wrong With Ashley Piercing?

Breaking your teeth on your jewelry, trauma that causes unsightly scarring, and jewelry rejection are all risks associated with this piercing type.

What is the Riskiest Piercing?

The most dangerous piercings are the ones that involve cartilage, like higher ear piercings.

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