Can Gold Vermeil Get Wet? Everything You Need to Know

Can Gold Vermeil Get Wet

If you enjoy wearing jewelry while bathing or swimming, you may be wondering can gold vermeil get wet.

Unfortunately, if gold vermeil gets wet, it can become duller, discolored, and start to wear away. If you’re going to the shower, working out, or swimming, be sure to remove your gold vermeil jewelry.

Let’s find out what gold vermeil is and if it can withstand a little water.

What is Gold Vermeil?

First, let’s talk about what is gold vermeil.

It is an alloy of sterling silver coated with a layer of pure gold. The gold coating, which is typically 2.5 microns thick, forms a barrier of protection around the silver base to stop it from tarnish too quickly.

In contrast to other types of jewelry, such as solid gold or platinum, gold vermeil jewelry is more susceptible to damage when exposed to water or chemicals. This prolongs the beauty and shine of the jewelry for a very long time, but it also makes it more susceptible to damage.

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Can Gold Vermeil Get Wet?

Can Gold Vermeil Get Wet

In a nutshell, you can, but you shouldn’t! The coating of gold on your jewelry will start to wear off after repeated exposure to water, and over time your jewelry may start looking dull or discolored.

Wearing your jewelry in hot tubs or pools with a lot of chlorine is best avoided as this can harm the gold plating even more than regular water exposure.

Take your piece off before entering the hot tub or pool to help it last as long as possible. Then, store it safely until you’re ready to wear it again, away from moisture and humidity.

Does Gold Vermeil Tarnish in Water?

Does Gold Vermeil Tarnish in Water

Gold vermeil does not tarnish in pure water. You can take a shower while wearing your vermeil jewelry if you are certain that the water in your home is pure.

Your gold vermeil may lose some of its shine if your water contains chemicals that aren’t pure.

When jewelry is exposed to water, experts advise drying it out right away.

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Final Words: Can Gold Vermeil Get Wet

One of the most sought-after types of jewelry today is made of gold vermeil.

When using a pool or hot tub, be sure to take off your jewelry and store it in a dry location when not in use.

Your gold vermeil jewelry can maintain its luster for years to come with a little extra upkeep.

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Can Gold Vermeil Tarnish?

Yes, gold vermeil can tarnish over time. The oxidation of gold vermeil results from an interaction between oxygen and the base metal (silver).

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil Everyday?

Being that it is quality jewellery, vermeil pieces are perfect for everyday wear and tear.

Can You Wear Gold Vermeil in the Shower?

Before working out, doing your hands, or taking a shower, always take off your gold vermeil jewelry.

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