Depop Reviews 2023: is It a Trustworthy App?

Depop Reviews

It’s likely that you have come across Depop if you’ve ever browsed used clothing online. This Depop reviews will let you know whether you should use this platform to buy or sell anything.

Depop is a social e-commerce platform focused on clothing, jewelry, and beauty. It’s primarily used to buy and sell new and used clothes, like other similar platforms.

Compared to other clothing markets, this one is unique. Even if you’re already familiar with platforms like Grailed and Poshmark, you’ll probably still need to take some time to get used to Depop.

As you read on, you will discover more about this app and decide whether it is worthwhile to try.

What is Depop?

Depop is a social eCommerce app that allows users to buy and sell items from each other. With a few significant exceptions, it is comparable to other platforms like Poshmark, Mercari, and ThredUP.

For one, Depop is geared towards vintage and handmade goods, streetwear, and independent fashion brands. This makes it a great option for those looking to sell distinctive items that you might not find on other platforms.

As you read on, you will discover more about this app and decide whether it is worthwhile to try.

Depop Reviews

It is comparable to an online garage sale but has a few extra bells and whistles. On Depop, you can purchase anything from apparel and footwear to home goods and fine art.

It was founded in 2011 by Simon Beckermann, with its headquarters in London, United Kingdom. Depop now has nearly 30 million users, 90% of whom are under the age of 26. The fact that Etsy actually purchased Depop in 2021 is interesting to note.

The app has a significant following among Gen Z buyers and sellers, consistently ranks as one of Gen Z’s most-visited apps in the US, and in 2019, was chosen as the best resale app by teen consumers. You can check How Does Depop Work for more information.

Pros and Cons of Depop

Receive payments via PayPal
Ability to chat with the buyers
No limit to to the type of products you can sell
100% secure
Poor customer serviceent
Regular closing of accounts

Who is Depop For?

Depop is designed for sellers who want to sell items such as shoes, clothes, and cheap streetwear.

The app is also designed for consumers looking for products to purchase.

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Is Depop Legit?

Users can buy and sell used items on Depop, a reputable online marketplace. Clothing and furniture are among the many items available on the platform.

There is a huge market there where anything can be bought or sold!

Buying on Depop

In general, shopping on Depop is similar to shopping in any clothing marketplace.

After that, a good next step is to get familiar with the platform.

In comparison to other marketplaces, Depop’s interface is quite unique. The most obvious difference is that when you browse the listings, you only see a photo and a price.

You must click on the listing to learn more about what is being offered. You can check our guide on How to Negotiate on Depop for more buying tips.

As a buyer, Depop allows you to:

  • Discover what you’re looking for and talk to the seller via the app’s built-in messenger.
  • Give the seller your shipping address and then pay for the item.
  • Get the product, then give the seller a rating based on your interaction.
  • Refund unsatisfied items on Deopop
How to Delete a Depop Listing?Step 1: Open the application and go to the upper right corner. 
Step 2: Now the interface will display many options. 
Step 3: You can select the list you want and press the delete key.
How to Delete Depop Account?1. Enter the password to log in.
2. Access the Settings page.
3. Click Support options.
4. Type “Delete” in the search bar at the top of the page, and then click the supported article that appears.
5. Click “Send us a request”.
6. Submit your request and wait for the staff to close your account.
How To Cancel Depop Order?You need to chat with the seller responsible for your order and ask him to please cancel the order and make the refund.
Depop Reviews

Selling on Depop

When it comes to selling on Depop, it is also pretty similar to other platforms.And it has a Depop Seller Protection to protecting your interests as a seller.

Before posting your first listing, you should familiarize yourself with the following fundamentals.

First, the costs: Depop charges a 10% platform fee, and PayPal or Depop payments will charge you a fee for processing payments. Additionally, these fees differ based on the nation you are in; more information is available on the Depop fee guide.

As a seller, Depop allows you to:

  • Post the item’s image along with a description and price after taking a photo of it.
  • Get potential buyers to place bids on the item, then decide on a final price.
  • Receive payment for the item, then start the Depop shipping procedure.

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Is Depop Worth It?

You can buy and sell items on the reputable website Depop. You should only conduct business through the app and not offline or off the platform if you want to reduce the risk of being conned.

Depop can help you earn extra money online even though some users have complained about the company’s subpar customer service.

Otherwise, the app protects every transaction made, so selling on Depop should be secure.

Final Words on Depop Reviews

When compared to other platforms for selling clothes online, Depop stands out in many ways. But is using it really worthwhile?

Depop is probably your best option if you want to sell clothes that are currently fashionable in youth culture.

It is probably wiser to use a combination of eBay, Grailed, and perhaps Poshmark if all you intend to sell is menswear that is aimed at a slightly older demographic. Wondering which one to choose? Read our guide on Depop Vs Poshmark.

FAQs about Depop Reviews

Is Depop Safe for Paypal?

Depop offers Buyer Protection on eligible transactions made using PayPal.

Are Depop Purchases Protected?

For up to 180 days following the date of purchase, Depop does have a buyer protection policy that covers transactions. You can see all the details here, but only items bought through the Depop app are eligible for protection.

Does Depop Verify Items?

Depop doesn’t provide any authentication services at the moment. Selling fake goods, however, is against their terms of service.

Can You Sell Jewelry on Depop?

You can sell a wide range of items on Depop, and jewelry is included.

How to Contact Depop Customer Service?

Visit the help desk page, fill out your information, and submit to contact Depop customer service. Additionally, you can send them an email at [email protected].

Is Depop Reliable?

The answer is technically “yes,” but you generally don’t need to worry as long as you’re doing your due diligence when shopping.

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