Horizontal Lip Piercing: Pros & Cons, Healing and More

Horizontal Lip Piercing

While many lip piercings have variations, none are as quirky as horizontal lip piercing. Anyone looking for a distinctive placement must get this piercing!

You can find all the information you need about horizontal lip piercings, including the cost, how painful they are, and how long it takes for them to heal, below.

You can make the horizontal lip piercing uniquely yours by using the suggested aftercare items and various photos. Let’s begin without further ado.

What is a Horizontal Lip Piercing?

A continuous piercing across the bottom lip is known as a horizontal lip piercing. This piercing is typically adorned with a barbell with two ends that stick out above the lip, either straight or curved.

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Should You Get a Horizontal Lip Piercing?

The risks and benefits of horizontal lip piercings are the same as with any piercing. Read the following pros & cons to see if this piercing is right for you:


  • This piercing makes the lips stand out dramatically and balances the face. This piercing is at ease on both sexes.
  • Rare and probably more noticeable are horizontal lip piercings. It’s clear that the purpose of this piercing is to express something.


  • Since the lip area is so delicate, healing and changing jewelry can be more painful than with other piercings. By selecting a small needle and jewelry with good fit, these concerns can be eased.
  • If you take out a horizontal lip piercing, you’ll get scarring. Before having this piercing (or the resulting scars), be absolutely certain that you can live with it.

Piercing Procedure

The horizontal lip piercing procedure is sensitive and delicate and calls for accuracy. To ensure that this piercing looks as it should, it is crucial to select a reputable piercer.

Horizontal Lip Piercing

When you first walk into the shop, your piercer will walk you through the process and have you fill out some paperwork while they set up. Your lip will be cleaned and surgically marked once they are prepared. Before continuing, make sure you like where the marks are.

A hollow needle will then be inserted into your lip, and your lip will be clamped. You’ll get your preferred jewelry right away after the needle is switched. Your piercer will then instruct you on proper aftercare for your new piercing. Make sure you comprehend what needs to be done, and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you may have.

How Much Do Horizontal Lip Piercings Hurt?

A 5 out of 10 pain scale is assigned to horizontal lip piercings. The more difficult procedure in a delicate area is the reason for the higher rating.

Depending on factors like lip sensitivity, tissue thickness, or needle size, your level of pain may change. Choosing a piercer you can trust will guarantee that these factors are considered beforehand.

Healing and Aftercare

Healing from a horizontal lip piercing typically takes 6 to 8 weeks.

For the first few days, your lip will be swollen and sensitive, but these problems should go away after a week. Remember the following aftercare guidelines to keep your piercing healthy:

  • Always wash your hands thoroughly before touching your piercing.
  • Keep your piercing in place and don’t play with it.
  • Avoid making too much oral contact with other people or things.
  • Before taking off your jewelry, make sure that your piercing is fully healed. You risk having your piercing close if you take off your jewelry too soon.
  • In order to reduce the risk of infection, clean your piercing twice daily as instructed below.

How to Clean Your Piercing

8 ounces of warm water and 1/4 teaspoon sea salt should be combined. Pour some saline solution onto a fresh pad or towel once the salt has dissolved. To help loosen any crusted debris that may be present, hold it on your piercing for a few minutes.

While maintaining stillness, carefully clean off any debris and the ends of your jewelry. To make sure your piercing remains clean all day, repeat this procedure twice each morning and evening.

Best Jewelry for Horizontal Lip Piercings

When getting pierced, make sure to demand high-quality titanium or surgical steel jewelry. Do not use plated metal or plastic jewelry, as these may cause piercing infection or keloids.

A piercing that is already distinctive can benefit from the addition of curved barbells or spiked ends.

A straight barbell is the traditional option for horizontal lip piercings. Depending on your mood, you can improve this in a variety of ways.

If you decide to wear studs or rings, proceed with caution. This piercing is longer than a typical lip piercing and may feel awkward when wearing different jewelry.

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Does the Horizontal Lip Piercing Hurt?

Horizontal lip piercings are rated at a 5/10 on the pain scale. This procedure is more difficult and in a delicate area, so the rating is higher.

Are Horizontal Lip Piercings Safe?

This applies to any piercing made across the lip horizontally, which is most frequently done on the lower lip. Unfortunately, these are not safe piercings.

Do All Lip Piercings Damage Your Teeth?

Tongue or lip piercings that come into constant contact with your gums can cause gum recession. The more of your tooth’s root that is exposed when your gums recede, the easier it will be for bacteria to accumulate and seriously harm your tooth.

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