How Does Depop Shipping Work? Depop Shipping Guide 2023

How Does Depop Shipping Work

One of the most unusual markets is Depop. If you are wondering how does Depop shipping work, this post is right for you!

On Depop, there are many shipping options available to sellers. These offer a wide range of tools and options, though they may be confusing. You can read our Depop Reviews for more information.

Whether you are a seasoned seller or a beginner, you should know how to maximize the potential of this fashion-focused online marketplace platform. Keep reading!

How Does Depop Shipping Work?

So how does shipping work on Depop?

After you purchase an item on Depop, your seller will arrange shipments for your item.

  1. Your item will be packaged and delivered by your seller to the address listed on the purchase receipt. If there are any errors with this, let your seller know so they can refund you
  2. Once your item is on its way, they will mark your item as shipped in the app or the in-app shipping service (USA & UK) will update
  3. As your item makes its way to you, check the tracking information to monitor its progress
  4. When your item is delivered, you can let your seller know and leave feedback on your purchase

Don’t forget that you can always message the seller to get updates and tracking details throughout the transaction.

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How Much is Shipping on Depop and Who is Paying It?

Depop Shipping

Depop shipping costs depend on the size/weight of the package. Also, there are four size categories, including extra-large, large, medium, and small. The seller only needs to choose which category their package belongs to. After that, you’ll need to open your PayPal account, as well.

There are two scenarios when it comes to determining Depop shipping price and who pays it:

  • Seller pays it – With a standard 10% selling fee, Depop deposits the item’s price into your PayPal account.
  • Buyer pays it – item price and additional shipping cost will be deposited into your PayPal account, followed by take-out shipping costs and the standard 10% selling fee.

International Shipping With Depop

How Does Depop Shipping Work

By providing international shipping, you can increase your exposure. Depop exists in over 150 countries worldwide, and buyers love American Vintage when offering international shipping! must ship independently (you cannot use Depop labels).

International shipping can be very expensive, so be mindful when offering this on a listing. How much is international shipping on Depop?

In the listing field, I generally put $100 for international shipping, and when a buyer sends me a message inquiring as to a rate, I request their address (or a nearby address) to calculate a more accurate rate using Pirate Ship.

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Should I Offer Free Shipping on Depop?

Depop claims that offering free shipping when posting your items will increase their likelihood of selling by twofold. Even so, there are many situations where it is not absolutely necessary.

Each seller and their products are unique. Customers who purchase certain items will be willing to pay the shipping cost because they are in high demand. On the other hand, some listings won’t get much attention.

As a result, when you first start using Depop, post your items and refrain from providing free shipping. You should experiment to see if providing free shipping is the best course of action for you.

Free shipping could be a good marketing strategy if you aren’t getting any sales. There might not be a need to provide free shipping, though, if your items tend to sell rather quickly. Everything depends on the particular seller’s product and marketing plan.

How Long Does Depop Take to Ship?

how much is international shipping on depop

What about Depop shipping time? How long does Depop take to deliver?

For most sellers on this multi-vendor marketplace platform, it takes three to five business days to send the ordered product. But this isn’t always the case.

The delivery time may be extended if you receive an excessive number of orders from your online store.

What is Depop Free Shipping Promo?

One of the reasons why Depop became so popular is the possibility of free shipping.

Due to the fact that free shipping is frequently a purchase incentive, having no additional fees for customers and sellers is a win-win situation.

In fact, it can increase the likelihood of selling, so it makes sense that sellers would want to take a look at this promotional period when using a cross-posting app.

Is Depop Shipping Worth It?

For most packages, Depop is not too expensive and is definitely worth it. Some people might believe Depop is overcharging and profiting from sellers who use the shipping service.

However, this is not true as they have a corporate partnership with their designated shipping company. Depop receives a price break as a result of the partnerships in order to maintain reasonable shipping costs overall.

Depop also offers flat shipping rates, which makes it worthwhile to use it. It does not matter if you are shipping within your city or across the country, the cost will be the same.

It can be challenging to predict your profits when shipping on your own because prices fluctuate depending on a variety of factors. With the help of Depop’s pricing strategy, you can more accurately estimate the cost of shipping and, consequently, how much money you’ll make overall.

Depop shipping is also worth it because it saves time. Due to its convenience, using Depop is a great option for most people who don’t have much extra time in their day.

Numerous pointless steps in the process are eliminated by the automatic prepaid label. Additionally, in the event that your packages are lost in transit, USPS and Hermes both offer insurance. For more Depop tips, kee reading:

Final Words on How Does Depop Shipping Work

Here is everything about how Depop shipping works.

Selling streetwear, vintage, Y2K, designer, and trendy clothing on Depop is highly recommended.

Understanding Depop shipping can be tricky but, it doesn’t have to be! There are many options available to sell on Depop, so everyone can find the answer that works best for them.

With Vendoo, you can quickly begin listing your items on Depop.

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FAQs about How Depop Shipping Works

Why is Depop Shipping So Expensive?

Only a distinctive product or brand name that sets you apart from the competition will make drop shipping profitable.

How Long Does Depop Shipping Take?

Depop takes 3-5 days to get your order shipped.

Does Depop Charge the Seller for Shipping?

Does Depop charge you to sell? When you sell an item, Depop will charge you a 10% fee on the total amount of your listing, which includes shipping costs.

Does Depop Provide Shipping Labels?

To track your package and make sure it gets there in good shape, you must use shipping labels. Any store that sells clothing or accessories will have Depop shipping labels.

Does Depop Ship to Israel?

The answer: it depends. Some products from Depop cannot be shipped to Israel.

How Does Depop International Shipping Work?

The international shipping process on Depop functions similarly to the domestic shipping process. A package’s size, weight, and distance traveled will all affect how much it will cost to send.

Does Depop Have Free Shipping?

Depop frequently runs promotions with free shipping, paying for all shipping on orders placed with Depop labels.

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