How to Break in Nike Blazers? 6 Easy Solutions!

How to Break in Nike Blazers

The Nike Blazers are classic sneakers with a vintage basketball vibe that might never go out of style. Regrettably, when the shoes are new, they can be very tough. So you should know how to break in Nike Blazers.

The best way to break in Nike Blazers is to wear them with thick socks around the house for short periods of time. Take them off as soon as your feet begin to ache.

Let’s explore how to break in Nike Blazers properly and easily.

How to Break in Nike Blazers? 6 Proven Ways

Our feet occasionally do not fit certain shoes. It’s possible that we purchased the incorrect size or received gifts from someone who did.

In these circumstances, what can be done with these shoes?

Here are six easy ways on how to break in blazers.

Using Shoe Stretchers

This is one of the best ways to extend your smaller shoes. A foot-shaped device known as a shoe stretcher. It is employed to stretch the shoe’s upper.

how to stretch out nike blazers

Place the stretcher inside the shoe to use it. If you have Nike shoes that are one or a half sizes smaller than the actual size, you can use this technique.

  • A shoe stretcher should be first obtained from the market. Stretchers come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. But since they do not crack like wooden stretchers, plastic stretchers will work best. Take note of the size that best fits your shoe size.
  • Inside the shoe, insert the stretcher.
  • Fix the position correctly using the stretcher’s backward handle. Stretch the stretcher gently. Otherwise, if you stretch further than is absolutely necessary, the shoe material may be harmed.
  • For 48 hours, keep this mixture.

After taking the stretched Nike Blazer off the stretcher, you can wear it. Even so, you can keep the stretcher inside for a few more days if the stretching is subpar.

Changing the Insoles

This is another effective process to break in your Nike Blazers. This method works if your Nike blazers are a little bit larger.

Buy insoles first based on the size of your shoes.

When ready to use it, put it inside the shoe.

Additionally, you can use them by creating custom insoles.

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Using Shoe Filler

How to Break in Nike Blazers

The substance used as shoe filler goes inside the shoe. The space between the feet and the shoe toe is filled while the shoe is being worn.

You can fill the inside of your Nike blazers with a shoe filler you’ve collected. For larger shoe sizes, this method may be a practical choice.

Wearing Thick Socks

how to break in blazers

Despite being a simple solution, you can use this.

You can use this if your shoes are a larger size. Put on a pair of thick socks to hide the size. You can also wear multiple socks in the summer.

Using a Heel Liner

Like the filler in shoes, heel liners. However, it is positioned at the heel of the shoe. To close the gap is the goal. Gather it from the marketplace and tuck it behind your heel inside your Nike blazers.

You can break in your Nike blazers shoe using the methods listed here. You can pick whoever you want.

Unlace the Shoes When Putting Them On

Although Nike Blazers are fashionable, they have a bad reputation for being challenging to put on. Many wearers lament the small opening of the shoe despite selecting the correct size.

In fact, some guests complained that the entryway is so confined that it took them a good 2 minutes just to put Nike Blazers on their feet.

Instead of shoving your foot into the shoe, pull the tongue forward and loosen the laces on the top three pairs of eyelets to make more room.

This step not only makes it simpler to get both of your feet inside the Nike Blazers, but it can also stretch and loosen the upper material, hastening the breaking-in procedure.

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How Long Does It Take to Break in Nike Blazers?

It can take between 2 to 4 weeks of regular use to stretch your Nike Blazers and break into them because of their leather and synthetic upper.

Wearing them for a few hours at a time inside your home as frequently as you can will, however, hasten the process.

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Why Are Nike Blazers So Hard to Put On?

are nike blazers hard to put on

Nike blazers are hard to put on because of their design structure and building materials.

Primarily, Nike blazers were mainly designed for In order to keep the shoe fixed to the feet while playing, basketball players required a narrow design. Although it makes it difficult to put on, the narrow design structure keeps the shoe fixed to the leg.

Furthermore, leather and synthetic materials were used to construct the Nike Blazers’ upper portion. It is a little difficult to stretch either of these materials.

Nike blazers stretch less and are harder to put on when people wear them.

It does get simpler to put on, though, with time. You can put it on for a number of hours each day to make the shoe cozy for your feet.

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Are Nike Blazers Comfortable?

How long to Break in Nike Blazers

Considering their slightly narrow toe boxes, many wonder if Nike Blazers are comfortable?

As long as they are given enough time to break in, Nike Blazers are comfortable. Air Force 1 and Air Max are more cushioned than Nike Blazers, but Blazers are still comfortable enough to wear every day.

However, because of their small toe boxes, they might not be the best for wide feet.

However, once broken in, they are sufficiently comfortable. In fact, once the upper material has softened, they are dependable enough to replace your daily beaters.

How to Wear Nike Blazers?

Although the Nike blazers are slightly hard to put on, a step-by-step process to wear the shoes will make the process easy and comfortable. You can accomplish the following to put on Nike blazers with ease.

  • Shoelaces should first be loosened.
  • Next, move your tongue to your upper side.
  • After that, insert your foot while holding the back of your shoe.
  • Last but not least, pull the tongue inside and tighten the laces.

Conclusion: How to Break in Nike Blazers

And there you go, a simple guide on how to break in Nike Blazers quickly.

Yes, Nike Blazers are basketball-inspired shoes that add height and are also retro and classic.

But getting into them takes some time. However, you should be able to break them in much more quickly by wearing them frequently for brief periods.

Now that you know how to break in Nike Blazers, I hope you have clear ideas. Please post your questions in the comments if you have any more for us regarding breaking in Nike Blazers.

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Can I Wear Nike Blazers Everyday?

Any Nike shoe will be casual, comfortable, and long-lasting enough to wear every day, so pick the design that best complements your personal style and wardrobe.

Can You Wear Nike Blazers Everyday?

Any Nike shoe will be informal, cozy, and robust enough for daily use.

How to Stretch Out Nike Blazers?

Using ice cubes is one method of stretching Nike Blazers.

How Long Does It Take to Break in Yeezy Slides?

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