How to Decorate Flip Flops? 4 Creative Ideas

How to Decorate Flip Flops

The same basic pair of flip flops can grow stale after several beach days, despite being a summertime necessity. So it is important for us to know how to decorate flip flops.

Here are some inventive ways to dress up a plain summer sandal.

You’ll be eager to arrange your upcoming tropical vacation after trying just a few of these do-it-yourself projects.

How to Decorate Flip Flops With Ribbon?

  1. Take one flip flop and place a small bead of hot glue at the outside base of one side of the strap. Give it a moment or two to cool.
  2. Beginning with the other end of the ribbon, wrap it around the sandal strap, overlapping the ribbon’s edges to prevent any gaps.
  3. Wrap the other side of the strap until it reaches its conclusion.
  4. Put another hot glue bead on this side’s exterior.
  5. Glue the ribbon’s end to the strap while keeping it taut. Before gluing, trim the excess ribbon if it is too long.

How to Decorate Flip Flops With Bows and Flowers?

How to Decorate Flip Flops
  1. Pick a spot for your bow, flower, or other embellishment, whether you want it in the middle or on the side.
  2. Put a significant amount of hot glue where it is needed.
  3. On the glue, place your decoration.
  4. Until the glue has completely cooled, press and hold.
  5. flaunt your new sandals!

How to Decorate Flip Flops With Loose Rhinestones?

How to Decorate Flip Flops With Loose Rhinestones
  1. Choose how many rhinestones you want to use on the strap’s sides.
  2. Take a rhinestone in your hands using tweezers.
  3. By tapping the stone against the glue gun, apply a thin layer of hot glue to the stone’s back.
  4. Rhinestone should be placed on the flip-flop strap’s outer edge.
  5. Put the final rhinestones on after that.

How to Decorate Flip Flops With Hand Painting?

Decorate the straps and soles of otherwise unnoticeable sandals with paint markers.

Kids will love this option because it doesn’t require hot glue or sewing needles.

Conclusion: How to Decorate Flip Flops

Decorating your flip-flops is a great way to give them a new look.

Decorating something new doesn’t have to be difficult if you have the right equipment, supplies, and knowledge!

Start your shopping right away! God Bless!

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