How To Tie A Scarf? 20 Easy Tips To Know

Tie A Scarf

Although we adore our fuzzy totes and puffer coats, in our opinion, a scarf is a must-have accessory for any winter wardrobe. This item often completes our outfits by adding interest, color, or even a playful print in addition to warmth.

Scarves have a lot of uses. They don’t pass judgment on you, they don’t magically lose weight or shrink when you’re pregnant, and they tend to stick around.

And how to tie a scarf? There are numerous ways to tie a scarf. In this article, we present some simple advice. Keep reading!

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How To Tie A Scarf?

1. The Braid

Wrap the scarf around your neck after folding it in half. Make sure not to pull it too tight as you pass the scarf’s loose ends through the loop. Twist the loop once more and re-enter the loose ends. Until you run out of a scarf, keep twisting the loop with one hand while pulling the ends through.

2. Knotted Necklace

Bring a thin scarf—silk works well for this!) and place it around the back of your neck. Make a knot on one side, then another. Gather the stray threads and bind them. The knots should be in the front and the ends should be at the back of the scarf.

3. The Shawl

The simplest way to put a scarf on! Simply let it hang down on both sides in front and drape it over your shoulders.

4. French Knot

Last winter, I stumbled upon this French twist, and I still adore it! To wear the scarf, simply fold it in half and wrap it around your shoulders. Pull one of the loose ends over and under the scarf loop. Go under and over the same loop with the second end piece.

5. False Knot

Back your neck with the scarf. Wrap your hand around the exposed end. Make a loose knot by pulling it through. Pull the other end through the side knot by first going under the loop of the knot and then over it.

6. Simple Neck Knot

Take a small scarf and wrap it twice around your neck, meeting at one shoulder. One end should be thrown over your back while the other should be kept toward the front after you have tied the ends together once.

7. Double Bandana

A long scarf is folded in half lengthwise. Take hold of the diagonal ends and tie a knot. Place it around your neck, then twist and loop it once more.

8. Hidden Knot

Tie A Scarf

Wrap a lengthy scarf once around your neck. The long ends should be placed up near your neck and tied in a half knot. Pull the neck loop’s fabric down and over the half-knot.

9. The Cowl

One end of the scarf should be much shorter than the other as you wrap it around your neck. The long end should be twice wrapped around your neck, after which the ends should be tucked in. If wearing a scarf, make sure that some of the fringes hangs down in front.

10. Classic Loop

It’s a classic because it’s so simple and appealing to the eye! The scarf should be folded in half. Bring both ends to the front and place it behind your neck. Thread the loop with the loose ends.

11. Slouchy Turtleneck

Put the scarf around your neck in an even circle. The scarf’s ends should be hanging down at your chest. Loop one end around your neck, then the other. Close the scarf up around the loose ends.

12. Twisted Turtleneck

The only difference between this one and the slouchy turtleneck (see #15) is that with this one, you twist the scarf before putting it around your neck. If you want to wear it loosely for a more relaxed appearance, you can wrap it tightly to resemble a turtleneck.

13. The Tie Loop

This knot is my favorite to wear underneath a blazer or jacket because it has a masculine look with a feminine touch. Make sure the scarf’s ends are even in the front as you wrap it around your neck. Bring the left side behind you and through the opening in your neck by crossing it over the right side. Take the right end, move it toward the left, then up through the loop you just made. Make the knot smaller until it resembles a loose men’s tie.

14. Two-sided Twist

Back-to-back two of your favorite scarves. Turn the fabric so that you can see both sides after making one loop around your neck.

15. Rolled Loop

You should firstly scarf your neck once. Take each scarf end and pass it through the neck loop.

16. Double Loop

Around your neck, double-loop the scarf. Tie the ends together after slipping one end through the neck loops.

17. Twisted Necklace

Wrap the scarf around your neck. Pull the ends up and over your shoulders, tie them once in the front, and then fasten. Where the two meet at the back, tie a knot.

18. Single Side Bow

Cross one side of the scarf over the other as you encircle your neck. Make a loop out of a small portion of the scarf with your right hand. Similar to tying shoelaces, wrap the left side around the loop and down through the hole. Adjust the scarf so the bow rests on your shoulder and tighten the knot.

19. Knotted Shawl

An improved wrap that is a little more complex. Create a half knot with the ends of the scarf in the back and wrap it around your shoulders like a shawl. On your back, tighten the ends and raise them high. Cover the ends by pulling the scarf’s material downward.

20. The Toss

Step 1: Wrap the scarf around your neck evenly.

Step 2: one end over the shoulder of the opposing person.

The Bottom Line

A scarf can be tied in a variety of ways, as you can see. Be a fashion boy or girl this winter by picking the one you like best!

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