How to Wear Knee High Boots? Outfit Ideas

Knee High Boots

Although there are fads in footwear, the popularity of knee-high boots has endured. Of course, it’s simple to comprehend why.

How to wear knee high boots? Oftentimes, the go-to knee-high boots outfit is a simple one: styled with denim, usually skinny jeans, and worn with an oversized sweater. This is all well and good (and, admittedly, a staple in this writer’s wardrobe), but there are a ton of other knee-high boot outfits that are begging to be worn.

Let’s look at some inspiration and the most popular knee-high boot designs.

Knee-High Boots Outfits

With a Romper

Here at InStyle, we worship a done-in-one outfit, where the only area you really have to put effort into is your accessories. Rompers are the ideal illustration of this; you can leave the house practically immediately after slipping into your favorite. If you want to keep things casual in the heat, sneakers are a go-to choice, but if you want to enhance your look and make it work for chillier days, choose knee-high boots (and even a pair of tights for added high and contrast).

With a Sweater Dress

Basic? Possibly. Classic? You should not overlook this cozy-cute combination, I assure you. It’s a simple outfit that you can throw on for errands, date night with your special someone, brunch with the girls, or the office.

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To Add Coverage to a Mini Skirt

Mini skirts are too adorable to put away for the entire winter season, but while they look cute with oversized sweaters tucked in, they won’t keep you warm. Layering is essential, so think thick pairs of tights and leg warmers. However, knee-high boots also serve as a barrier against the cold.

With Leggings

Leggings and boots are a wardrobe staple that can be dressed up, down, or sporty. If you’re channeling the late ’80s or early ’90s fashion trends with a matching quarter zip, puffer jacket, and a headband, the combination also makes for the ideal throwback fit.

To Dress Up a Shirt Dress

Depending on the shirt (i.e. a button-down, oversized sweater, or graphic tee), shirt dresses alone can give off a casual vibe. The entire appearance might change if a knee-high boot is added. While something like a cowboy-style boot will add some flare, a skinny or chunky heel will make you feel a little fancier and give you a little lift.

Knee High Boots

For Contrast to a Cozy Cardigan

Whatever the occasion, the last few years have taught us that comfort should always come first. You don’t have to give up style to feel your best; comfort is the key. The secret is to combine a comfortable staple with something a little more dressy, like a knit cardigan and stylish knee-high boots.

As An Extra Layer under Long Skirts

Layering is essential to surviving the harsh winter weather (i.e., subfreezing temperatures). Because of this, wearing knee-high boots as an additional layer of warmth underneath a midi or maxi-length skirt or dress is actually a pretty brilliant idea. You might normally associate knee-high boots with mini skirts to give your footwear the maximum exposure it deserves.

For a Lampshading Moment

Ariana Grande undoubtedly revived the trend, even though she didn’t create lampshades. It’s easy to master the lampshade look: just strut confidently while wearing an oversized sweater or hoodie with knee-high or over-the-knee boots. In the event that temperatures start to drop in your area, you should add a long coat and tights to the outfit.

Make It Sporty

You’re not alone if your first thought when picturing knee-high boots is an elegant ensemble. Despite having a more formal tendency, this style of footwear also has a sporty side. Wear your favorites with a hoodie and workout leggings, add a puffer vest for layering, and finish off the look with a beanie. You can appear and feel cool, calm, and collected while crossing items off your to-do list thanks to the polished but incredibly loose final product.

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Tips on How to Wear Knee High Boots

1. Try Tights

Knee-high boots covering bare legs can be intimidating for some women. Add some tights to your outfit if this style makes you feel uneasy. Knee-high boots’ look and intensity are softened by tights, which also makes your entire ensemble look more put together.

Wear tights underneath knee-high boots and match this ensemble with just about any other look that you would typically wear with knee-highs. Tights and knee-high boots are a winning outfit combo that can be complemented with dresses, skirts, or even high-waisted shorts with a crop top. Never let yourself find an excuse not to try this popular trend. Start off with tights to make the trend of knee-high boots less intimidating and more suitable for your personal style.


2. Don’t Be Afraid of a Heel

There aren’t many things sexier in the world than a woman walking down the street in knee-high boots with four-inch stiletto heels. Knee-high boots with a flattering heel are a tough combination to beat because heels always improve the appearance of an outfit. You can also buy knee-high boots with a shorter chunky or wedge heel in place of high stiletto heels if you don’t think it’s practical to walk around in them.

Do not be afraid to experiment with various textures and hues of knee-high boots when wearing them for an adventurous look. The materials and colors used to make knee-high boots are very diverse. Enjoy this fashion trend. Look into suede or leather knee-high boots. Opt for a pair of shoes in a maroon shade rather than black or brown. You’ll be glad you adopted this trend if you do.


3. Consider the Occasion

Knee-high boots aren’t just for special occasions. Knee-high boots are appropriate for wearing at work, parties, first dates, and the grocery store as long as they are worn properly.

Avoid stilettos if you’re going to work and put on a pair of knee-high boots with a flat sole or a short chunky heel instead. Put on a blazer, a blouse, and skinny jeans to go with them. Put on a lace-up T-shirt dress over your boots when your schedule includes a laid-back party or a ton of everyday activities. With tights, a dress that fits closely, and some chunky bracelets, you can dress up knee-high boots for a more formal first date. No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing, knee-high boots are acceptable. All you need to do is adjust the rest of your appearance to the occasion.

4. Go All-Black

Any outfit gets a boost of intensity from knee-high boots. All on their own, outfits made entirely of black can be quite imposing. The addition of knee-highs elevates an all-black ensemble.

Black leggings, a black crop top, and a black leather jacket look great with black leather or suede knee-high boots. A stylish alternative to wearing knee-highs in all black is to do so with knee-highs in a complementary color. However, if you do choose to wear only black, be sure to maintain a sleek and well-balanced appearance. Detailed shirts or an oversized jacket or cardigan can add the look’s necessary texture.

5. Go With Just a T-Shirt

The wearing of knee-high boots with an oversized boyfriend T-shirt is one of the most prevalent examples of this trend. Compared to a T-shirt dress, these T-shirts are different. Actually, they are just oversized T-shirts. When paired with knee-high boots, an oversized T-shirt really changes the look from sloppy to chic.

The look of a huge T-shirt is made slimmer and more fashionable by knee-high boots. They prevent this incredibly casual, comfortable look from coming across as careless or unputtogether. Keep the rest of your outfit uncomplicated and casual if you wear your knee-high boots with an oversized T-shirt. Straighten your hair and wear it down, or tie it up in a messy bun. Do not wear accessories or jewelry. The highlights of your ensemble should be your shirt and boots.

6. Pair With a Skirt Or Dress

When worn with a skirt or dress, knee-high boots instantly appear girly and sweet. When it comes to wearing a skirt or dress with these types of boots, you have many options.

For a flirty look, team a miniskirt with tights, knee-high boots, and a crop top. Wear a loose, lacey top and a long, maxi skirt that flows over your boots to look bohemian. For a chic and balanced appearance, put on a loose, mid-length dress that hangs a few inches above the top of your boots. There are numerous options.

7. Keep It Balanced

When it comes to wearing knee-high boots, balance is crucial. You’ll end up looking bottom-heavy if the top of your outfit isn’t given some texture and bulk.

If your boots steal the show, that’s acceptable. Just remember to add interest to other parts of your outfit as well, even if it’s just a chunky necklace or a cardigan.

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How to Wear Knee High Boots With Jeans?

Denim or pants with straight legs. Knee high boots fit well over skinny jeans, but not so much over jeans or pants that don’t hug your skin. You can try to wear your pants over your boots, but doing so frequently results in being able to see the line of the top of your boots through the fabric.

How to Wear Knee High Boots in the Office?

  1. Opt for a traditional boot.
  2. Conservative hues are dominant.
  3. Skip the patent leather boots with shine.
  4. Quality counts.
  5. Best Heels are Low to Medium Heels.
  6. Hosiery Has the Power to Change.
  7. Avoid wearing very high, thigh- or over-high boots.
  8. Don’t forget to shine and clean your boots.
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