Is Fashion Nova Fast Fashion? Answered 2023

Is Fashion Nova Fast Fashion

If you love trending fashion and are wondering is Fashion Nova fast fashion, then let me tell you: Yes, it is a fast fashion brand.

Celebrities are fans of the women’s clothing line by popular fast-fashion retailer Fashion Nova. But is it morally right and environmentally sound?

To fully understand Fashion Nova, let’s dissect this brand.

What is Fashion Nova?

Fashion Nova is a leading well-known US-based clothing company that consistently offers the sexiest looks for both sexes.

It avoids the commercial strategy of mass-producing cheap-looking but ostentatious runway designs. The fashion retailer primarily operates online and caters to young people all over the world.

It is popular among Instagram influencers, celebrities, and, of course, millions of people all over the world due to its high-fashion yet affordable clothing line.

Additionally, Fashion Nova is a size-inclusive brand with sizing up to 4XL, which was just the cleverest thing to gain more clientele by catering to the plus-size category.

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Is Fashion Nova Fast Fashion?

Yes, Fashion Nova is a fast fashion brand. In fact, it should be categorized as ‘furiously’ fast fashion because of dropping about 600-900 designs weekly. Can you even imagine that?

Is Fashion Nova Fast Fashion

New designs are stitched in factories within 24 hours and sent for a photo shoot before being posted online. Later, the designs are mass produced and sold. If you thought that was absurd, wait until you hear this! The brand releases 26 seasons annually, a crazy 22 more than the typical four fashion seasons each year. Even other fast fashion companies would be embarrassed by Fashion Nova’s business strategy.

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Is Fashion Nova Ethical?

No, Fashion Nova is not ethical. The brand sources its collection from thousands of manufacturing units in Los Angeles which are actually sweatshops in disguise.

In these factories, where fair trade principles are still compromised, worker exploitation is the norm. They are forced to work in hazardous conditions and are not paid fairly or given flexible hours.

Consumers are never made aware of what happens outside of the factories Fashion Nova has partnered with because Fashion Nova does not maintain a transparent supply chain.

Labour Conditions

Fashion Nova received a “Very Poor” labor rating based on our own investigation as well as data from the Fashion Transparency Index (where it received a score between 0 and 10%).

A worker’s health and safety, a living wage, or other labor rights are not guaranteed by any of its supply chains that have been certified by labor standards. Fashion Nova discloses little about its supplier policies and audits, and it withholds all data pertaining to forced labor, gender equality, and freedom of association.

Additionally, there is no proof that it guarantees the payment of a living wage throughout its supply chain. It comes as no surprise that reports of gross underpayment of Fashion Nova’s Los Angeles employees surfaced in 2019.

Lastly, Fashion Nova does not disclose any policies or safeguards to shield its supply chain’s suppliers and workers from the effects of COVID-19.

Fashion Nova’s Animal Welfare Policies

In its clothing line, Fashion Nova uses leather, feathers, wool, and other materials derived from animals. The sources from which these materials came are not disclosed, though. The brand is also well-known for its affordable prices, but ethically sourced animal fabrics are never going to be inexpensive.

The company does offer a sizable selection of products that are vegan and don’t use animal products, though.

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Is Fashion Nova Sustainable?

Is Fashion Nova Sustainable

No, Fashion Nova is not a sustainable fashion brand. A small section of its clothing line uses sustainable materials like organic cotton, hemp, Tencel, linen, and other recycled materials. The origins or certifications of these “sustainable” materials, however, are unknown.
Additionally, synthetic materials like polyester, nylon, acrylic and other inexpensive fabrics made from petroleum make up the majority of Fashion Nova’s collection.

The company also doesn’t track how much water it uses, how much chemical is released, how much greenhouse gas is produced, or how much resource is wasted throughout its supply chain. The multinational apparel giant still needs sustainability goals or a timeline to reduce its carbon footprint in the future.

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Is Fashion Nova Legit?

Yes, Fashion Nova is totally legit. This company, which has a 4.4-star Trustpilot rating and a 4-star Sitejabber rating, is praised for its affordable stylish clothing, user-friendly website, quick shipping, and helpful customer service.

If something is being done on a large scale, though, nothing can possibly be perfect. Numerous clients have complained about low-quality clothing (which we agree with), delayed deliveries, and misplaced packages. The brand’s customer service was also praised by some and criticized by others for being unresponsive.

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Where Does Fashion Nova Ship From?

is fashionnova fast fashion

Although Fashion Nova primarily conducts business online, it does have five physical locations across California in Burbank, Los Angeles, Montebello, Northridge, Santa Fe Springs, and Topanga.

From its Los Angeles warehouse, all orders are delivered worldwide in 3 to 7 business days.

Fashion Nova Alternatives

Fashion Nova is a “BIG NO” for every shopper, whether they purchase sustainable or non-sustainable items, just like other fast fashion companies like Emmiol. Instead, show some love for the fantastic green alternatives to Fashion Nova.

The brands listed below assist you in making a statement as well as creating a conscious wardrobe. 


The clothing line from the sustainable fashion company CHNGE is made from certified 100% organic cotton. This US-based company produces superior quality, timeless statement pieces that are Carbon Neutral certified.

We adore CHNGE because it sustainably celebrates every size through a transparent supply chain.

Whimsy + Row

The US-based lifestyle company Whimsy + Row was founded out of a passion for high-quality products and ethical business practices. Its goal has been to give the contemporary woman convenience and elegance since 2014.

Deadstock fabric is used by Whimsy + Row, and by producing each item in small quantities, the company conserves water and packaging waste.

Summary: is Fashion Nova Fast Fashion

So that’s Fashion Nova for you. We are seeing a rise in conscientious consumers, even as the brand’s popularity and profits continue to soar.

We adore how this group of caring consumers puts ethical and sustainable values ahead of mindless fast fashion consumption.

And as this section grows, sustainable fashion brands are also emerging, so that style is never compromised over morals.If you want to learn more about this brand ,read our posts below:

FAQs about Is Fashion Nova Fast Fashion

Is Fashion Nova Good Quality?

Fashion Nova clothes are inexpensive and of good quality.

Does Fashion Nova Use Child Labor?

None of its supply chain is certified by labour standards which ensure worker health and safety, living wages, or other labour rights.

Where Does Fashion Nova Clothes Come From?

Many of the most popular wholesale vendors are located in the heart of downtown Los Angeles in the Fashion District.

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