6 Purge Makeup for Halloween in 2023

Purge Makeup

Even when you dress outrageously and wear a lot of makeup, nobody seems to care about Halloween. Why not try a purge makeup? In our guide, you can find the best makeup looks.

All purge makeup looks revolve around a fake mask that is also very happy. Purging is intended to rid the city of its alleged sins. Trends in purge makeup are popular because they reflect human nature and behavior. Purging is meant to symbolize what a person would do if given complete freedom for a single day.

We loved the trend of going all out for Halloween, which has been featured in a ton of makeup tutorials with purge makeup looks in the past. The best makeup tutorials from The Purge and its four sequels are included here.

6 Purge Makeup Looks for Halloween

Here are the top six Purge cosmetics.

1. “The Purge” Lady Liberty Halloween Makeup

Is this the simplest Halloween makeup look you’ve ever seen or tried? No. But if you don’t even consider trying at least one next-level makeup look in your Are you really a fan of the spooky season if you love Halloween? In this Purge makeup tutorial, Madalyn Cline uses a wild mix of string, glue, body paint, patience, raw talent, and gifts from the Halloween gods to create a truly amazing Halloween look.

2. “The Purge: Election Year” Halloween Makeup

The Purge: Election Year

What a frightening year 2016 has been by itself. So let’s remind everyone of what life used to be with this Purge: Election Year Leslie Aileen’s White Eyeshadow Base is used as the foundation for her Halloween makeup, followed by fluorescent neon-pink eyeshadow to trace the lines and white eyeliner to add a final white line on top. The outcome was an extremely realistic neon effect.

Oh, and what makes this Halloween outfit the best? It’s drawn over your usual makeup, so you can customize your base to look as ~sultry~ or as natural as you want.

3. “The Purge” Candy Girl Halloween Makeup

Okay, if precise little lines, lots of glue, and confusing prosthetics (ahem, Hollywood SFX-level makeup in general) aren’t your speed, I highly recommend giving this look from Starring Shameka a try, which perfectly depicts the candy girl from The Purge: Election Year (You’re the one who is terrified; not I. Imagine it to be a combination of your everyday makeup…with some finger-painting with a ton of fake blood gel. You understand, just a laid-back day.

4. the Original “Purge” Halloween Makeup

This Madeyewlook look isn’t actually a mask; it’s just plain makeup that you can create yourself with a combination of brown and black eyeshadow palettes, brown liquid liner, white eyeliner, blush, and, you know, a few other products and patience. Honestly, just watch the tutorial, because I promise it’s not as hard as it looks, as long as you’ve got some time to experiment.

5. American Flag “Purge” Makeup

Oh, you wanted one more Purge makeup look of the highest caliber for Halloween? It’s here, thanks to Bonnie Corban, the queen of makeup. Though this tutorial is definitely on a level 10, rest assured that you can totally skip the mouth-glued-shut step (because, you know, we love a good Halloween cocktail) and instead concentrate on creating the American flag face paint, which by the third time you watch this tutorial again, seems a little bit simpler than you’d think. Slightly.

6. Purge Anarchy

The video is generally very brief and is another one of Madeyewlook’s purge makeup tutorials. The makeup tutorial is titled “The Purge Anarchy Makeup Tutorial” and has more than sixty thousand views. The makeup artist starts with few products, and her skill alone determines how the makeup will turn out. The 2014 follow-up to Purge: Anarchy served as inspiration for the makeup look. Early in the 2010s, the 13-14 was all about purging, and this video was devoted to that. The entire video was devoted to removing dark-colored makeup.

How to Start Painting Your Face for a Purge Makeup Look?

We advise conducting some preparation work ahead of time if you’re determined to purge for Halloween. There are a few guidelines you should stick to before diving deep into the purge makeup looks, regardless of the characters you choose or the concept you’re going for.

  • To smooth the skin and get rid of any additional fine lines, use a primer at the base of the face.
  • Make sure the glue you use is non-toxic and won’t irritate your skin.
  • With loose translucent powder, dry the latex and glue it.
  • Use liquid makeup the majority of the time because it blends well.
  • Draw details using face markers.
  • Use eyeshadow to create shadows and a snitched jaw.
  • Start out with a little less makeup and gradually add more.
  • Use a cue tip and micellar water to remove paint and makeup.

Take off your makeup before going to bed after the party is over. To style your hair and stay in shape, you can wear old clothes and hoodies. You can also purchase a cape to add even more style and devotion to the Purge.

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Sum Up on Purge Makeup

There are many different ways to wear purge makeup. You can do multiple character looks on one Halloween day because the original film and its sequels have so many characters.

You can progress from very straightforward to extremely edgy looks over time. The Purge characters will come out best if you give them your own spin.

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