How to Wear Leggings Under A Dress? Outfit Ideas 2023


You can learn how to wear leggings under a dress for both formal and casual wear by checking out these fantastic leggings and dress combinations that we have put together for you.

Leggings are no longer just for the gym. They can also be worn under a dress as an alternative to tights or leggings.

They can even be worn at work if paired with an elaborate dress. Think about the style and length of the dress you wear so you don’t look silly when you try to be sophisticated.

Is it Okay to Wear Leggings With a Dress?

Yes, it’s great to wear leggings with a dress.

We’ve got different ways you can slip them under your dress and look gorgeous. Keep reading!

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How to Wear Leggings Under A Dress: 3 Methods

Leggings are the ideal item to wear with any outfit, whether you’re planning to wear a short skirt in the winter or a long, flowy one in the summer, to give it a cute vibe.

Here are three methods to wear your leggings under a dress.

Method 1: Pairing Leggings with the Right Types of Dresses

leggings and dresses 2023
  • Wear a flowing dress with leggings to flatter your fuller figure. 

If you have a full figure, a flowing loose dress with a narrow silhouette looks especially good. Pair them with dresses in cotton or knitted fabrics for a more casual look. 

To add texture to an outfit, pair leggings curled up at the ankle with a loose-knit dress.

For a relaxed spring look, pair it with leggings and sandals and an oversized asymmetrical dress.

  • Try wearing a shirt with a belt around the waist to add to the boy’s figure.

 If you want to add subtle curves but are worried you’ll get lost in a loose dress, try a belted shirt. Shirt dresses tend to be a bit short, so pairing them with leggings can also make you feel more covered up. 

Pair a white shirt dress with black leggings for a classic look. Add ballet flats for a perfect casual look.

If it’s a bit chilly, the outfit also looks good with black riding boots and a shawl.

  • Wear a tunic over your tights. 

A tunic that covers the hips is the perfect match for opaque leggings. Just be careful that your tunic doesn’t fit too well, as it may reveal the waistband of your leggings underneath.

Try a black and white plaid top and black leather leggings. Add black shoes for a more stylish look.

  • Breathe new life into dresses that are too short. 

If you have a dress you don’t usually wear because you don’t think it covers you up enough, try wearing it with leggings.  Add leggings to make you feel more covered and humble. 

If your skirt is a neutral solid color, you can wear it with patterned tights. The smallness of the skirt helps to accentuate the pattern. Make sure skirts and leggings complement each other.

Make sure your skirt covers your back and front, and wear boots that cover your ankles.

  • Pair leggings with a kimono dress for a relaxed summer ensemble. 

While the leggings look a bit heavy with a maxi dress, kimono-style dresses and leggings look balanced. Add a light tank top under your dress and you’ll be ready for cool summer evenings. 

Kimono dresses with floral prints work well with black or white tank tops and black tights.

Method 2: Wearing Leggings at Work

Wearing Leggings when working
  • Invest in more ornate leggings for elegant work clothes. 

While stretch spandex is very comfortable, it’s not the most elegant choice for work. Instead, try wearing a pair of leather or stretch satin tights under your work clothes.

Black leggings can be worn with almost anything, but if you want to try something different that still fits, try Burgundy leather leggings with a solid black or black and white patterned dress. If it’s cold outside, wear sleek black heels with a white coat on top.

  • On casual Fridays, think of leggings as jeans.

 If you think of your tights as jeans, you can’t go wrong. If you can wear jeans to work, your leggings and skirts will fit well.

Remember, even if your work attire is casual, your clothes should cover your butt. Leggings without back pockets are too revealing to wear on the job.

  • Dress up black cotton leggings with a flowing robe. 

If you’re going to wear spandex leggings at work, make sure they’re thick and opaque. If you wear a tunic long enough to cover your hips and pair it with well-fitting shoes, the outfit should be suitable for work.

Put a white or blue tunic over black leggings. Add black flats or red shoes if you want to wear them. Add more size to the outfit by pairing the top with an oversized structured cardigan.

  • Pair with leggings and a button-down shirt for a relaxed work outfit. 

The shirtdress is a simple yet elegant workplace must-have. Choose something slightly dressy and office-friendly. It’s best to choose a light color, such as white or cream, or a delicate print. Make sure it completely covers your back. Because buttons are such a classic look, leggings need to be classic, too. Choose black, chocolate brown, or dark navy.

For a spring outfit, wear a black and white printed short-sleeved button-down shirt. Pair them with black tights and a shirt belt to keep them in shape.

In autumn, you can keep warm by wearing a long-sleeved shirt and a thick scarf and riding boots.

Method 3: Building Cold Weather Outfits

  • Wear leggings under wool for an all-around winter look.

Try wearing a pair of black tights and a casual sweater with a tight belt. Choose belts in neutral or complementary colors. Finish the outfit with comfortable ankle boots.

In fall and winter, cardigan dresses look great with flat riding boots.

  • Pair black leggings with a sleek black dress as a winter must-have. 

An all-black suit is a perfect canvas for your favorite oversized suit, cardigan, or coat. Choose a simple, slim black dress to keep the outer layer centered. 

Black leggings and a black dress are paired with an oversized grey suit for a sophisticated look. Pair with black lace-up boots.

If you want casual street style, wear a black dress and leggings with a long coat and matching sneakers.

Pair it with a comfortable faux fur coat to create an all-black ensemble for the perfect Thanksgiving outfit.

  • Wear leggings under your dress for a warmer date night.

Whether you’re going out for cocktails or dinner, pair black leggings with a sleek sleeveless out dress for your date. For a night out dancing, try wearing a bright or sequined dress with your tights. Add a small quilted Moto jacket to complete the look.

  • In between seasons, pair ankle-length leggings with medium-length dresses. 

As the weather starts to get a little chilly, wear ankle-length tights. Wear it with a MIDI skirt with a belt at the waist and ankle boots. Please note that this combination may lead to shortened legs.

Depending on how cold it is outside, try wearing high heels or sandals. For more legging outfit ideas, read on What to Wear With Black Leggings.

What Kind of Dress Goes Well with Leggings?

how to wear leggings with a dress

So what kind of leggings to wear under a dress?

Knee-length, short or mini skirts are good to pair with leggings if the purpose is to cover the legs in style or protect them from the cold.

Low-waisted dresses and below-the-knee tunics are the most flattering because they’re hard to pair with, and wide bottoms don’t suit them. So, what better choice do you have?

Summary: How to Wear Leggings Under A Dress

That’s all about how to wear dress with leggings.

Whether you’re planning on wearing a short skirt in winter or a long skirt in summer, there’s no better way to pair your outfit and create a cute vibe than with leggings.

Here, we’ve prepared some great leggings and dress combinations for you to wear your favorite leggings anytime, anywhere, whether formal or casual.

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FAQs about How to Wear Leggings with a Dress

Does It Looks OK If I Wear Leggings under a Dress?

Anywhere now can wear leggings. They can also be worn under a dress as an alternative to pantyhose or tights.

What Are the Best Leggings to Wear under a Dress?

Cotton leggings are perfect for wearing under longer tops or dresses when you want them to be comfy and don’t need to worry about fully opaque material.

When Should You Not Wear Leggings?

A shimmering top, a fancy blouse, or a baby doll dress simply don’t go well with a stretchy, tight pair of leggings.

Can I Wear Leggings Instead of Petticoat?

Leggings or shorts can be used in place of the petticoat as the base for tucking and pleating.

Can You Wear Leggings With a Dress?

Yes, leggings can be worn underneath a dress in place of pantyhose or tights.

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