What to Wear With A Leather Skirt? Leather Skirt Trend 2023

What To Wear With A Leather Skirt

Wondering what to wear with a leather skirt? This post is right for you!

Leather skirts are wardrobe staples, elegant and timeless. Leather looks extremely luxurious, it’s very versatile, and it’s a great outfit, especially in the fall. They come in different styles and cuts, from plain to ruffled, long and short.

Today we want to talk to you about leather skirts. This article writes about how to combine leather pants.

What To Wear With A Leather Skirt?

How to style a leather skirt? What is the leather skirt trend 2023?

Here are some outfit ideas for leather skirts.

With a Blazer

What to Wear With A Leather Skirt

A blazer can easily be paired with a leather skirt to give you an outfit perfect for the office or brunch.

Wearing a blazer is the easiest way to make an outfit more classic. No matter your body type, there is always a blazer for you.

With a Blouse

The blouse can be seen as a more feminine version of the blouse. It’s usually elegant and easy to design. Tucking a top into your leather skirt will make you look pretty and classy when you’re out and about.

a Blouse with a leather skirt

For a more classic look, it’s best to wear a long leather skirt with a blouse. You can choose from knee-length, midi, and even long skirts above the ankle.

If you like midi lengths, you will need to put some thought into the design and detailing of the leather skirt, as the end of the leather skirt is between the knee and ankle, which can make your legs look like they are cut off.

Since the midi length is harder to wear, to make it look more glamorous, you can opt for a skirt with a seam. In fact, if you are petite, the key to making this leather midi skirt suitable for shorter women is to wear a midi skirt with slits to lengthen your legs.

With a Coat

are leather skirts in style 2023

Of course, when it’s cold outside, it only makes sense to pick up a coat. Adding a layer to your outfit can add a touch of style.

You can pair a coat with a leather skirt and it will look stylish. It’s fashionable and is often seen during fashion weeks in the cold season.

With a Pullover

how to wear a short leather skirt

You can wear a jumper with a leather skirt. A chunky jumper is partially tucked inside for a casual chic feel. If your sweater isn’t too bulging, you can also tuck it all into your pocket, which will make you look taller.

Pullovers are always nice and comfortable. Luckily, pullovers are trendy these days and won’t make you look like a girl.

With a Crop Top

a Crop Top with a leather skirt

Wear a crop top with a leather skirt when you want to try a fun and provocative outfit.

A crop top is always a fun outfit for women who don’t mind showing some skin. It can be worn with different bottoms from jeans to long pants, and a great bottom style with a crop top is a leather skirt. These two can give you a laid-back look, but you can definitely dress it up nicely.

When you’re picking out a crop top, it’s not always too revealing. If you want to look classy, if you want to style it with a leather skirt, you can choose a skirt that only shows the vertices of the skin. You can go a step further and opt for a high-waisted skirt that completely covers the gap with the crop top.

With a T-shirt

a T-shirt with a leather skirt

T-shirts are the easiest clothes to wear on the body, especially if you want a laid-back look. You can of course also dress it up nicely when you pair it with a polished bottom like a leather skirt.

You can wear a t-shirt tucked into a leather skirt and pair it with sneakers for a casual look, or just go with heels for a sleeker, more feminine outfit.

With a Simple Black Top

what to wear with leather skirt night out

Not sure what tops to wear with leather skirt? When in doubt, wear a simple black top. Whether long-sleeved or short-sleeved, a black top can be paired with any bottoms, regardless of color or cut.

A simple black top can easily blend with your leather skirt, no matter its length or color. This is the most stylish way to look in a leather skirt and you can never go wrong.

If both leather skirts are black, then this becomes a classic monochromatic outfit that will never go out of style.

How To Wear A Leather Skirt To Work?

Apart from the traditional pencil skirt, the leather pencil skirt for the office can also be very elegant and representative. It depends on how you combine it.

Precautions for wearing a leather skirt to the office:

  • Choose a maxi skirt below the knee
  • Always combine leather skirts with turtleneck tops, shirts, or sweaters
  • If you want to wear a blazer, this skirt is best paired with a short one
  • Choose a leather skirt in a basic color such as black, soft green, camel, or taupe

Don’t wear leather skirts to the office:

  • The skirt above the knee
  • Cleavage and bare arms
  • Make sure your clothes don’t have too many bright colors. keep calm and stylish
  • This also applies to your accessories: keep them to a minimum
  • When it comes to shoes, you can opt for a closed-back shoe, like this pink moccasin from Neu Antwerp. A classic pair of loafers would also look great.

How To Wear A Leather Skirt For Casual Days?

are leather skirts in fashion 2023

It’s a good idea to wear a leather miniskirt on days off! Arma’s leather skirt is made from super-soft sheepskin and has a nice elastic band at the waist for a great fit.

For an unexpected look, combine leather skirts with sneakers and statement sweaters.

Precautions for wearing leather skirts on rest days:

  • Colors are fun! We especially love cobalt blues and reds on your break
  • Sneakers are the best way to wear a leather skirt
  • Layering makes you look fun and functional
  • Wear a heavy cardigan as a jacket in crisp spring

Don’t wear leather skirts on casual days:

  • No need for high heels these days as they are too exaggerated
  • Classic trench coats aren’t the best right now. Choose a baseball jacket!

How To Wear A Leather Skirt For A Night Out?

what to wear with black leather skirt for night out

So what to wear with a leather skirt on a night out?

Of course, this leather skirt really catches the eye, making it ideal for an evening of stylish dining, cocktails, or dancing. Festive attire is certainly fun, but also make sure you don’t overdress.

Precautions for wearing leather skirts when going out at night:

  • Pastel colors like nude and champagne complement the black leather skirt
  • Buy an eye-catching piece of jewelry. a beautiful necklace or gold bracelet
  • You have to be able to have it, a leather bike jacket will instantly rock you
  • A cardigan or high-end top goes beautifully with leather. Imagine a luxurious silk shirt or a delicately knitted cashmere sweater

Don’t wear leather skirts when going out at night:

  • Glitter and leather.
  • High heels are fine but don’t opt for towering stilettos. Prefer cool (ankle) boots or classic block heels
  • Everything represented was bad. Too much color, too much jewelry, and too much leather.

Can You Wear a Black Leather Skirt in Summer?

Wearing a black leather skirt is possible in summer, depending on the event you’re attending, how hot it is, and the time of day. It’s okay if you’re going somewhere windy or riding or biking.

If you find this dress definitely uncomfortable, don’t wear it. Don’t dress to impress, just to endure discomfort in silence. Also, avoid wearing leather in hot weather.

Which Leather Skirt Suits Your Figure?

Anyone who thinks leather skirts are hard to put together is wrong. Leather skirts are very versatile and can be used if you want to add extra polish to a simple outfit. In addition, leather skirts are not limited by season.

Here’s how you would wear it with an oversized knit in the winter and a linen tee in the summer. It’s important to see which skirt suits you and your figure best. Your hips are wider, do you want to emphasize your waist more?

Opt for an A-line cut leather skirt. Do you have an hourglass figure? Then you might look good in a pencil leather skirt.

Conclusion: What to Wear With A Leather Skirt

These tips should inspire you to buy a nice leather skirt that will look good on you.

Simply put, you’ll just need to wear it with a top and shoes that make you feel amazing!

While there are countless different tops that will look good with your leather skirt, what is your favorite one? Please leave your comments below and share them with us!

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