Why Do People Get Tattoos? 6 Top Reasons

Why Do People Get Tattoos

When tattoos first emerged in the 1800s, they were considered a sign of being a criminal or deviant. Today, they are more and more commonplace. So why do people get tattoos?

Nowadays psychological idea suggests that most human beings who get tattoos say they did so to remind themselves of a duration of private hostilities or as a structure of self-expression.

Keep reading, here are the top 6 reasons for people getting a tattoo.

Why Do People Get Tattoos?

There are infinite motives why some humans get tattoos. Maybe you’re thinking if it’s the proper choice for you.

There are a lot of appropriate motives to get tattoos, which include some that may additionally shock you. Some motives to get a tattoo of your very own include:

Symbolic Thinking And Attractiveness

A study submitted to the Review of General Psychology proposed two theories of why tattooing has been a phase of human subculture for over 5,000 years.

The “human canvas” speculation contends that tattooing is a symbolic illustration of one’s lifestyle ride and human history.

The 2nd speculation – the “upping the ante” argument – posits that tattoos developed as an indication of sexual health that extended one’s splendor plenty like a peacock’s tail.

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Self-Identity and Self-Image

Why Do People Get Tattoos

They find out about also observed that one of the most famous motives for getting a tattoo is the wish to create and hold self-identity. By controlling one’s appearance, they are capable of creating the self-identity one wants. This motive may additionally assist in providing an explanation for why youngsters and younger adults desire tattoos.

Tattoos can increase vanity and confidence. Some humans agree that tattoos replicate their internal feelings, which can be an imperative thing of identification. Some locate that tattoos can provide them with an experience of belonging or enable them to categorize who they are as individuals.


Tattoos are shortly turning into a very famous kind of trend accessory. Since the 1970s, trend designers have been searching tattoos for notion for their collections.

More recently, tattooed men and women are discovering elevated possibilities as trend models.

Why People Get Tattoos

Tattoos are a way to be innovative with the way you exhibit your style. Tattoos, like make-up and hair, are methods to talk about your persona visually. Tattoos can inform someone’s experience of trends and even be what human beings use to construct their non-public look.

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Tattoos As A Badge

Getting a tattoo may additionally signify a person’s ache tolerance, bodily toughness, emphasis on their sexuality, and identification with a unique faith or nonsecular tradition.

For Commemoration

Some humans get tattoos to commemorate the most considerable activities in their lives, such as getting married or having a kid. Others ink themselves to honor or categorical grief over the passing of their cherished ones.

Scar Cover-up

Tattoos can cause scars from self-harm, most cancers, and different stressful occasions with stunning works of art.

Flowers and botanical designs do an extremely good job at concealing scars, whilst different patterns like lettering and geometric shapes normally don’t work as well.

Final Words: Why Do People Get Tattoos

A tattoo is a structure of self-expression and a way to share something about your likes, your persona, or your experiences with the world. It’s a bright and fascinating way to reveal what makes you who you are.

As tattoos have step by step turned out to be extra frequent over the remaining numerous years, they’ve grown to be greater commonplace in society. There’s no longer the identical stigma connected to having one!


Are Tattoos A Sign Of Insecurity?

Yes, perhaps some people get tattooed because they’re insecure.

Why Do Women Get Tattoos?

For many women, tattoos are a way to reclaim their way of life and identity and seriously change scars into works of art.

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