How to Crop a T-Shirt? 4 Easy Methods

how to crop a top T-shirt

With some fashion inspiration and a pair of scissors, transform an old T-shirt into a DIY crop top. Learn how to crop a T-shirt with different methods and tools in this guide!

There’s no better way than turning your old T-shirt into a cute, trendy crop top. You don’t even need to know how to use a sewing machine. Without it, your T-shirt can be cut and still looks beautiful. So how to cut a shirt in the simplest way?

Using simple stitchless techniques, you can easily transform any t-shirt into a lovely open navel top in just a few simple steps.

What is a Crop Top?

When the bottom edge of a T-shirt is cut off, the belly button may be visible if enough fabric is removed. Crop tops are made and sold by designers and clothing companies, but they are also easily DIY-able from an old or oversized T-shirt.

In the spring and summer, crop tops are a popular lightweight outfit. Although crop tops are more frequently seen with short sleeves, they can also have long sleeves (like crop top hoodies) or be sleeveless tank tops.

What Length is a Crop Top?

Everyone’s waistline is different. I suggest you measure the narrowest part of the waist and keep the belt level. Measure your clothes and find the most suitable length of open navel T-shirt!

Do not use dull scissors. Make sure you use cloth scissors in the basic sewing tools to get the best cutting effect.

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How to Crop a T-Shirt?

So how to crop a T-shirt? Here are four easy methods.

1. Make Your Own Crop Top T-shirt

Fold the shirt vertically in half, hold the center of the collar with your left hand and roll up the sleeves with your right hand. Lay the shirt flat on a flat surface and measure how much you want to cut off the bottom.

Then, put some heavy objects or heavy books over the shirt. Pull up the part of the shirt you want to cut off and cut it in a straight line with cloth scissors.

2. Reduce Both Parties

Fold your shirt vertically in half, place it on a flat surface, and use cloth scissors to cut two inches on each side of the shirt at about one-inch intervals.

Unfold the shirts, open the openings, open them and make them thinner. Then, cut each bang in half. Tie the two sides of each bisector fringe to make a short top, and tie a ribbon on it.

3. Create Interesting Tassels


Tassels can add color to your T-shirt.

Fold your T-shirt in half and flatten it on a flat surface. Before you cut the bangs, measure the amount of cloth you want to cover your body.

Then, unfold the shirt and lay it flat with the front of the shirt facing up. Cut about two inches at each inch of the bottom of the shirt, from the back and sides.

You can lengthen the tassels to make them thinner and thinner.

4. Tie a Knot


This method is suitable for those super cool shirts you dare not cut: it can be done in three minutes without spending a penny.

Front knot

Wear a shirt with your right hand cupped around the bottom left of the shirt. Put the shirt through your right hand, and then tighten it when you think your navel top is the right size. Tie a knot with this part of the shirt and let it hang to one side.

  • Put on your shirt.
  • Fold up the front of the shirt like a bouquet of flowers.
  • Make a knot

Crop no crop T-shirts are ready!

Back Knot

Follow the same procedure to tie a knot at the back of the shirt. Hide the knot under your shirt.

Tips For Croping A T-Shirt 

crop top

You’d better choose a shirt you want to cut and try it on. This is how you decide which part of your body you want to cut. Do you know what is the best way to cut a shirt into a topless shirt? Just match the T-shirt with jeans to see where the bottoms start.

Now you need something to mark where you want to cut your shirt. You can use a marker, pen or clip. Be sure to mark this place. You don’t need a whole line on your T-shirt. A simple point can be achieved.

Take off your shirt and lie on a flat surface. You should never cut your shirt short when you wear it. You may shorten it by mistake, or even not.

Use sewing scissors instead of ordinary scissors. Sewing machine scissors are not so expensive, but they are much better than ordinary scissors for cutting cloth.

You cut the shirt short, but make sure the cut is a centimeter or two below the mark. So you won’t stain your shirt. If you screw up, you can always cut more. The worst thing you can do is cut it too short.

Cotton t-shirts roll up, so keep this in mind when cutting. Always be two centimeters more than you originally marked.

4 Ways to Wear Crop Top T-shirt 

A Crop Top T-shirt can add fun to your overall look. Consider the following ways to wear a Crop Top T-shirt:

Try a Black Button Top with Jeans

A black button top can be worn with a denim jacket and high-waist jeans. This street dress is simple and fashionable, suitable for more casual clothes.

Wear a Sleeveless Crop Top with Shorts

how to crop your shirt

In warm weather, a sleeveless shirt with exposed navel can be well-matched with shorts to become a fashionable boardwalk dress or beachwear.

Overalls With Navel Revealing Top

For summer dress, wear an open navel jacket in jeans or corduroy overalls.

Match The Navel-Revealing Top With The Elegant Long Skirt

These two clothes give you a lot of playthings: the high-waisted plaid skirt can be well-matched with the solid color navel revealing top, and the color of the pinstripe on the skirt also matches well.

Or, a striped crop top can go perfectly with a solid skirt of another color.

Final Thoughts on How to Crop a T-Shirt

That’s all about how to crop a T-shirt.

A Crop Top T-shirt is a lovely top that can be worn in warm weather, with or without a layer. You can easily make them from old or unwanted shirts you already have, or from new shirts you buy from clothing stores or antique stores.

Using the ways that we teach you, you don’t need to sew to make an open navel top. You only need a sharp pair of scissors. You can even make a crop top T-shirt without scissors!

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FAQs about Crop a T-Shirt

How Do You Crop a Regular T-shirt?

Measure how much of the bottom you want to remove from the shirt and lay it flat. Then, stack some heavy objects like books or weights near the top of the shirt. Then, using your fabric scissors, cut through in a straight line. Pull up the area of the shirt you want to crop off.

How Do You Crop a Shirt by Folding It?

The shirt’s bottom simply needs to be flipped under to the desired height, pulled towards the back so that it gathers around your spine, knotted, and tucked into the band of your bra (see the video tutorial at the bottom of this page for a clear visual).

How Do You Stop Fabric from Fraying When You Cut It?

Using pinking shears to stop fraying.

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