How Much Does a Spine Tattoo Cost? Answered 2023

How Much Does a Spine Tattoo Cost

For those seeking exciting designs for their backs, spine tattoos are popular. But like other tattoos, one of the first questions that come to mind is, “how much does a spine tattoo cost?”

Overall, a spine tattoo will cost somewhere between 100$ to 150$, and even more for a dragon spine tattoo. The cost of a spine tattoo can vary depending on its size, design, tattoo artist, and ink.

So, in this blog post, I’ll discuss how much does a spine tattoo cost. and elements that affect this ink design’s price.

How Much Does a Spine Tattoo Cost?

So how much is a spine tattoo?

The cost of a spine tattoo mostly depends on the style and design you want. Of course, there are additional factors that affect price as well, including the level of skill of the tattoo artist, the studio’s location, the size of the tattoo, and the difficulty of the design.

In general, most of the time, a simple spine tattoo costs around 100$ to 150$. And when someone says they have a simple spine tattoo, they typically mean a smaller, simpler design with fewer colors or details.

The entire spine area is covered by a larger, more intricate spine tattoo. And it also features multiple colors and details that could cost around $700 or even more.

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What Determines the Cost of Spine Tattoo?

Many factors determine the cost of a spine tattoo. From parlor to parlor, state to state, and nation to nation, prices will differ.

Depending on the following factors, the cost of a tattoo will vary.


How Much Does a Spine Tattoo Cost

A spine tattoo is considered to be a tattoo that is etched along the spine. People may choose to get a full spine tattoo or just the upper part of their spine, depending on how big they want it to be.

In general, a rule of thumb for spine tattoos and any tattoos, in general, is that the bigger they are the more they will cost.

The size of the tattoo affects how long it takes to complete, how much ink is required, and how many breaks you need to take, all of which affect how much it costs.

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Additionally, tattoo designs are crucial. It would be less expensive to have a simple design, like lines along the spine, than a more elaborate design with intricate lines along the spine.

The tattoo artist will need to take more time with more lines to make sure the lines are precise and haven’t bled into one another.

Additionally, due to the sensitivity of the spine, the more intricate the lines, the longer it will take to carefully create them.

Artist Rates

Rates will vary for various artists. This is dependent upon their background, training, additional skills, and familiarity with tattooing in a particular area.

For example, I will normally charge somewhere around 125$ to 150$ for a small spine tattoo, about 250$ to 350$ for medium pieces, and about 500$ for large pieces. Everything depends on the tattoo artists themselves and the fees they will be asking for.

A tattoo artist will always let you know the cost of the tattoo before getting one done, and depending on the client, it might take a little longer.

As a result, the artist’s rates will vary depending on which clients will require more time to complete.

Even though it’s not required, leaving a tip of 25% is always appreciated, so budget on it being added to the total cost of the tattoo.

Ink Used

Tattooing depends greatly on the ink. The price of a colored piece would be higher than that of a simple line drawing in black ink.

This is because the price of the ink varies and is added to the total cost of the tattoo. And that also depends on how much ink will be used.

The price of a spine tattoo would be higher than one with a vibrant line design.

The tattoo artist should and will factor in how much ink is used in the cost of the spine tattoo.

How Much Do Spine Tattoos Hurt?

how much is a spine tattoo

Although each person’s perception of tattoo pain is unique, those who have had tattoos of their spine frequently experience certain side effects.

Stinging Pain

The most frequent pain felt after getting a tattoo, particularly after spine tattoo sessions, is this. This feels like being pricked with a sewing needle numerous times, and then feeling the “bee sting” sensation of that prick, afterward.

This discomfort may last for the first few hours after healing, but it usually goes away after your tattoo session.

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Burning Pain

Though it is less likely with spine tattoos, a burning sensation is a common pain associated with tattooing and it may manifest itself on your lower spine area.

An epidermis wound is made in your skin by a tattoo needle effectively scraping off your epidermis. While getting a tattoo, some people say it feels like a severe sunburn for which there is no relief.

Following your tattooing session, this burn might linger for one or two days.

Scratching Pain

Scratching pain, which often occurs during tattoo coloring or shading sessions, is a common sensation that feels very much like cat nails against your skin.

This is so because the needles being used have several needles inside a square-shaped head. There probably won’t be any scratching pain when working with single needles or simple designs.

Dull Or Mild Pain

Many claim that the pain is dull or extremely mild, despite some people reporting discomfort when a tattoo artist moves over the spine’s bones and bumps.

Distracted, the discomfort almost disappears. Of course, how you react to pain and other unpleasant sensations depends on your personal pain tolerance.

Summary: How Much Does a Spine Tattoo Cost

The actual cost of getting a spine tattoo depends on different factors like style, size of design, artist experience and location of the studio.

But most of the time, the cost of a simple spine tattoo will be from 100$ to 150$.

A more complex and detailed spine tattoo will cost around 700$. However, the final cost of the spine ink design can be revealed by your tattoo artist.

FAQs About How Much Are Spine Tattoos

Does a Spine Tattoo Hurt a Lot?

In sensitive areas of the spine, a spine tattoo will hurt a lot, whereas other areas of the spine may not hurt as much.

Can a Spine Tattoo Paralyze You?

Yes, a spine tattoo has the potential to render you paralyzed.

Can I Get a Spine Tattoo as My First Tattoo?

If you’re getting a tattoo for the first time, spinal tattoos usually aren’t recommended. They’re typically a better option for someone who is already accustomed to getting tattoos.

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