How to Clean Brass Jewelry? 8 Effective Ways

Brass Jewelry

Brass jewelry is favored worldwide because it is distinctive, sturdy, and affordable. However, it can be difficult to maintain the shine of brass jewelry. Thankfully, we are here to tell you how to clean brass jewelry at home.

You can avoid the damaging effects of chemical cleaners by caring for your brass jewelry in a variety of natural and efficient ways. Many times, you already have the equipment necessary for these treatments in your home.

Always clean against the natural grain of the metal, no matter which natural cleaning method you select. Additionally, brass is prone to retaining water spots, so after cleaning, be sure to completely dry it.

Continue reading for a comprehensive guide to cleaning brass jewelry.

What is Brass Jewelry?

First and foremost, what is brass, and what makes it so unique above the rest? Jewelry made of brass is primarily made of metals like copper and zinc. Brass is frequently made from other metal alloys. They can be lead or tin-based metal alloys.

The material itself, brass, has a lovely vintage appearance that resembles gold. Brass is also employed in jewelry making, albeit infrequently.

As brass tarnishes and tarnishes over time, brass jewelry owners’ main worry is how to keep their pieces looking lustrous and shiny.

Ways to Clean Brass Jewelry

Here are seven ways you can use to clean your brass jewelry.

Warm Water & Soap

This is one of the simplest techniques for naturally cleaning brass jewelry. Use your fingers or a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the surface of your item with warm water and a small amount of liquid dish soap. Once the dirt has been thoroughly scrubbed away, thoroughly rinse the item until the water runs smoothly over the surface. After that, make sure to dry the metal.

How to Clean Brass Jewelry

However, if this method doesn’t seem to work, there are other organic methods that might be more successful.


Brass can be cleaned effectively with toothpaste and with little time and effort expended.

  • Apply regular white toothpaste to your brass jewelry and scrub it delicately with a brush.
  • As long as there is dirt and grime, keep going.
  • Your brass jewelry will shine if you rinse it and give it a soft, clean cloth to wipe it with.

Note: Use this method only occasionally to avoid scratches because toothpaste is a mild abrasive.

Lemon Juice

There are two distinct methods that use lemons; this one concentrates on the juice.

  • Pour one cup of water into a container to start.
  • Half a lemon should be squeezed, and the juice should be added to the water.
  • A teaspoon of salt is then added and thoroughly mixed in.
  • Place your jewelry in the solution and monitor it until it reaches a clean state.
  • Completely dry the item after washing it.

Baking Soda

To restore the new look of your brass jewelry, clean it with salt and baking soda. The procedure is very straightforward, and you can choose to leave some patina for charm. The shine of your brass pieces is preserved by using this natural cleaning technique. Baking soda will not scratch the metal and won’t even slightly fade its color.

Baking Soda
  • In a bowl, combine a small amount of water, baking powder, and salt.
  • Mix the ingredients together to create a paste.
  • Before rinsing it with warm water, scrub your jewelry with the cleaning paste for about five minutes.
  • In no time at all, the brass jewelry item ought to regain its previous shine. For the harder-to-reach areas of your jewelry pieces, you can use an old toothbrush, just be careful not to scratch them.

Salted Lemon

This is similar to the lemon juice method, but you will be using the lemon itself rather than draining the juice. Apply some salt to the open side of a lemon half (not the skin) and rub it over the brass.

To further work the lemon juice into the jewelry piece, you could also use a soft toothbrush. Once this is finished, thoroughly wash and dry the brass.

Vinegar, Salt, and Flour

Ā½ cup of vinegar should be mixed with 1 teaspoon of salt. Add flour next until a paste-like consistency is achieved. After about 10 minutes, rub into the brass. After the ten minutes have passed, rinse the brass with warm water and completely dry it.

An affordable and secure substitute for harsh chemical cleaners is to use natural cleaning solutions. Before using any of the above methods, just make sure the jewelry item is brass and unlacquered.

Ketchup & Worcestershire

You know, ketchup isn’t just good for hamburgers. Ketchup and Worcestershire sauce would both significantly damage the dirt covering your jewelry.

Gently spread the sauce over the object using your fingers or a soft toothbrush. Allow your jewelry to rest for a minute after it has been completely covered.

Rinse off all sauce residue; if the piece doesn’t appear as clean as you would like, go ahead and repeat the procedure. Rinse well and dry thoroughly once it has reached the level of cleanliness you desire.

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How to Care for Brass Jewelry

It’s more crucial to take care of your brass jewelry so you won’t need to clean it than it is to clean it.

  • Save your jewelry from being damaged by abrasive cleaners and polishes that can dull it and remove its protective, golden sheen.
  • You should only use a polishing cloth on plain, undecorated objects. The fabric’s abrasive surface can scratch anything that is not polished gold or silver if you use it on jewelry with engravings, etchings, or paint.
  • Use a toothbrush to clean nooks and crannies. Any small, stiff bristles will do as long as they don’t snag any of the hairs on your jewelry.
  • Your cast brass jewelry pieces can be cleaned with just warm water. After cleaning, lay the surfaces flat on a towel and let them dry for an entire night before polishing to remove stains.

How to Prevent Tarnish on Brass Jewelry

  • If you don’t wear your brass jewelry frequently and want to preserve its shine, store it in a clean, dry place.
  • Avoid using abrasive cleaning techniques on your brass jewelry because they will remove the patina and possibly leave a patch of dark green or black residue.
  • To prevent water stains, immediately pat dry your jewelry with a soft cloth after cleaning.
  • To stop the jewelry from scratching, wipe away any extra cleaning solution.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning because the strength of acidic and alkaline solutions will affect how quickly your jewelry tarnishes.
  • When you want your jewelry to shine, gently rub some high-quality polish over the metal. Since polishing your jewelry too frequently will have no effect, repeat this procedure whenever there is visible tarnish.
  • Wearing brass jewelry while swimming or taking a shower is not advised. Additionally, keep your hands away from harsh chemicals like perfume, household cleaners, makeup remover, and hairspray.
  • In order to avoid metal oxidation and darkening patches, store brass objects in a cool, dry location out of the sun.
  • Keep your brass jewelry from rubbing against other objects to avoid scratches. Felt pads should be placed between each piece when storing for an extended period to prevent scratching.

These simple and efficient methods for cleaning brass jewelry at home will help keep the shine for many years. Use common sense and secure methods when caring for brass jewelry; there are no strict guidelines.

Do not scrub the metal with water or too forcefully. To avoid unintentionally scratching the metal, avoid wearing your brass jewelry while engaging in strenuous activities. Your lovely jewelry can last a lifetime if you give it a little tender loving care, cleaning, and maintenance.

Takeaways: How to Clean Brass Jewelry

Since brass is less expensive than gold, brass jewelry is hugely popular today. As we’ve shown above, cleaning brass jewelry is fairly easy.

Using items from your pantry, such as toothpaste and lemon juice, you can clean your brass jewelry.

Warm water will effectively remove stains from your cast brass jewelry. Let it dry the next day.

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