How to Style Cargo Pants? Cargo Pants Outfit Ideas 2023


Wondering how to style cargo pants? Then you should read this post.

If you want to keep it casual, cargo pants will allow you to achieve a naturally understated look sans effort.

To create a balanced, flattering look, the trick is to find the right coordinating pieces.

Here are some of our favorite casual outfits that you can wear with cargo pants, for any occasion.

What Are Cargo Pants?

First, let’s discuss what are cargo pants.

Cargo pants were first worn by British soldiers during World War II because they were strong, resilient, and useful for storing maps, field dressings, and other essentials while on the move.

Although their aesthetics harken back to the styles of yesteryear, the traditional duck canvas fabric has been swapped to lighter cotton and quick-drying synthetics for practical everyday use.

The majority of styles feature a baggy fit, a drawstring waist closure, and a straight-leg silhouette.

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How to Style Cargo Pants?

Cargo pants are in style in 2023. Here are some outfit ideas on what to wear with cargo pants.

With a Cropped Jacket

Cargo pants are still popular even if you’re hesitant to dress in a way that emphasizes your figure.

Cargo pants’ apparent visual heaviness is countered by a cropped leather or denim jacket. To create a long, lean silhouette, look for a jacket that sits just above your natural waist.

With a Sleek Overcoat

There is no denying that a long jacket worn with a casual outfit is fashion gold, whether you favor trench coats or prefer to wear dusters.

A significant main character moment is delivered when a pair of cargos in a similar shade are layered with a sleek, floor-skimming coat.

With An Oversized Puffer

When wearing cargo pants, draw attention to your outerwear by wearing an oversized jacket.

It helps to wear a pair of platform shoes and keep your top sleek and form-fitting to avoid drowning in this look.

Additionally, keeping your color scheme consistent will make this cargo pants outfit idea look well-planned rather than thrown together.

With a Pop of Color

Do not misunderstand; although cargo pants may appear very casual, they can also be dressed up.

Pairing these pants with stand-out accessories is a creative, simple, and stylish way to upgrade them. Against these practical pants, vivid reds, neons, and metallics contrast gorgeously.

With a Corset Top

The corset top will endure. Cargo pants, which, in all honesty, can sometimes be a little shapeless on their own, look stunning in contrast to the curve-hugging nature of this style of top.

Cargo pants and fitted corsets or bustiers make a perfect fashion match because of their complementary hardness and softness.

With Combat Boots

Tucking cargo pants into combat boots is one way to change the way they appear. The way these cargo pants are worn breaks up the pant’s weight and gives off a completely different, military-inspired vibe.

Try incorporating high-shine materials like latex or leather into your outfit and adopt an all-black aesthetic to keep it sleek. You instantly become a superhero (or supervillain).

With a Blazer


Want to go out to a nice dinner in your favorite cargo pants? Adding a blazer is the quickest way to elevate your cargo pants.

In contrast to the cropped jacket, you should wear a baggy blazer that falls below your natural waist. A blazer will lengthen your silhouette by directing attention past your hips, tying your entire outfit together.

With Ankle Boots

Try switching out steel toes for pointed-toe ankle booties for a slightly glam version of the combat boots and cargo pants outfit concept.

With combat boots, you would achieve the same shattered silhouette, but with a completely different soft glam vibe.

With Heels


We frequently notice guests at fashion weeks all over the world pairing enormous cargo pants with chic stiletto heels that barely protrude from their pants’ hems, and we are here for it.

Consider how you would wear a pair of heels with wide-leg jeans when styling heels with cargo pants. Even though they won’t be the center of attention, the heels will be seen.

With a Comfy Sweater

This outfit idea for cargo pants is possibly the most similar to how we all used to wear them, but with a preppy update.

For an academic look that still reads as fashionable, team khaki-colored cargo pants with spotless leather sneakers and a loose sweater.

With a Statement Top

Welcome to the era of the cargo pant if you have a statement top in your closet that you’ve been dying to wear but aren’t sure what to wear it with.

The fact that cargo pants are comfortable also helps to soften an overly loud statement top. You can then pay attention to how amazing you look rather than the technical aspects of your outfit.

With Cowboy Boots

To make a bold fashion statement, wearing cargo pants with cowboy boots is a more extreme game-changer than tucking them into combat boots.

To prevent this look from veering into costume territory, try to keep your color palette as monochromatic as possible except for the boots themselves, which can (and should) stand out.

With a Varsity Jacket

what to wear with cargo pants

Cargo pants’ vintage vibes work well with the throwback staple of varsity jackets. Try to match your cargo pants’ color as closely as you can to the varsity jacket’s dominant color to maintain a uniform appearance.

When choosing your top and accessories, you can have fun since the overall look is already cohesive.

With a Racer Tank

By combining colorful cargo pants with a pure white racerback tank top, you can channel your inner athlete or Y2K-era pop star.

Additionally, this idea for an outfit featuring cargo pants makes a great backdrop for large accessories. With some metallic jewelry and bangles, you could try stepping up this “fit.”

With a White Tank Top

what to wear with cargo pants

Have no idea what to wear with your cargo pants? Keep it simple, particularly with a white tank top. After that, add strappy sandals to your outfit to up the glam factor.

With An Off-the-Shoulder Top

Pairing a pair of cargo pants with a romantic off-the-shoulder top is another way to introduce a delectable contrast between romance and practicality in an outfit.

Keep things simple while adding a little va-va-voom and visual balance by exposing your shoulders.

With a Scarf Top

The ideal summertime outfit features a scarf top as the ideal contrast to a pair of loose-fitting cargo pants. The top can be made yourself if you have a scarf, but if you don’t feel like getting crafty, a pre-made cami version works just as well.

The Diversity of Cargo Pants

Designer cargo pants started to dominate catwalks as their attention shifted from function to fashion. Luxury labels created wide-leg cargo pants, placing them in outfit combos alongside crop top T-shirts, blazers, button-down shirts, denim jackets, hoodies, and more. 

Cargo pants are currently regarded as a true wardrobe essential and are worn by numerous female fashion icons around the globe. They are available in a variety of hues and silhouettes aside from the conventional army green and camouflage prints. Here are some different types of cargo pants to add to your collection:

Denim Cargo Pants

When a pant style receives the denim treatment, you know it’s in style. Although they are not particularly recent additions to the fashion world, denim cargo pants continue to change with the seasons, offering new iterations.

Wide-leg Cargo Pants

Since cargo pants are frequently baggy, wide-leg versions are a perfect match for contemporary women’s bottoms. The Belted Wide-Leg Twill Cargo Trousers from Bottega Veneta represent this trend perfectly.

It is a high-rise pant with a pleated front, side slip pockets, back welt pockets, and a button tab hem.

Leather Cargo Pants

Although they are a more recent addition to the pocketed pantheon, leather cargo pants have made a significant impression.

Alice + Olivia went the animal-friendly route with its Hayes Wide-Leg Cargo Pants in Vegan Leather. There is plenty of room for front slant pockets, side flap pockets, back welt pockets, and a flared leg thanks to the high-rise silhouette.

Luxurious Cargo Pants

Leave it up to Dries Van Noten to take a utility-based staple and elevate it into the realm of high fashion by crafting it from plush fabrics.

The brand’s Paint Drawstring Wide-Leg Silk Pants maintain the multi-pocket design of the trend but choose luxurious silk over durable canvas. Another eye-catching variation is Sacai’s Cargo pants with a logo lace waistband.

Statement Cargo Pants

A piece of clothing can be boldly expressive in a variety of ways. It’s done most frequently with bold hues, vibrant prints, and unusual silhouettes. Versace’s An outstanding illustration of a vibrant color that stands out is found in the Duchesse Viscose Informal Wide-Leg Cargo Pants.

On the other hand, Christopher John Rogers chose to make a mark with an abstract pattern. The brand’s Colorblock Cargo Pants combine a variety of multicolored, patch-like panels.

Finally, Loewe constructs cargo using an avant-garde cut with its cargo pants with barrel legs. 

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Final Thoughts: How to Style Cargo Pants

Whether you’re interested in sticking to the style’s streetwear origins or kicking things up a notch with a more glam fit, cargo pants are firmly on the fashion agenda for the season ahead!

Please leave a comment below with any additional suggestions you may have.

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FAQs About How to Wear Cargo Pants

Do Cargo Pants Go With Everything?

When it comes to styling cargo pants, there are no rules; anything goes. Celebrities are rocking this look from comfort to the red carpet, and cargo pants are the star of the show.

Should Cargo Pants Be Tight Or Baggy?

Men’s cargo pants typically need to be quite baggy, as you are aware if you have ever worn them.

What is the Best Color for Cargo Pants?

Black, beige, and khaki/olive are the traditional cargo colors.

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