What is the Lululemon Employee Discount? Complete Guide

What is the Lululemon Employee Discount

Working at Lululemon can give you good retail market exposure. The benefits of working there are fantastic. Do you know what is the Lululemon employee discount?

Depending on how many hours per week you work, you’ll either get a 60% or 40% employee discount respectively.

Continue reading and find out more about Lululemon employee discounts.

What is the Lululemon Employee Discount?

So what discount do Lululemon employees get?

Lululemon provides a 40% discount on almost all of its apparel to part-time employees.

For full-time employees, the discount is 60%. Sometimes employees also get up to 75% discount on their items.

The reduction is applicable to both in-person and online purchases.

The Lululemon employee discount is undoubtedly one of the best available.

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Are there Discounts for Full and Part-time Lululemon Employees?

Yes, but it’s different for each.

Full-time employees get a 60% discount while part-time employees only get a 40% discount.

Working less than 25 hours per week is regarded as part-time work at Lulu.

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Restrictions for Employee Discounts at Lululemon

What is the Lululemon Employee Discount

The Lululemon discount is only available to employees and these employees cannot use the discount the buy products to resell or buy them for friends and family.

The employer may sever ties with the employee if it turns out that they were abusing the discount opportunity.

Therefore, it is wise to avoid any methods of using the discount to make extra money.

The savings are already substantial enough to cover the majority of the purchases that would have been made from other stores of a similar nature, resulting in a higher overall cost for goods of comparable quality.

Other Employee Benefits at Lululemon

lululemon staff discount

We have listed the main benefits of working at Lululemon:

  • While working at Lululemon, employees also receive numerous other perks in addition to discounts.
  • Lululemon gives its employees money each month to reach their health objectives. Staff members occasionally experience stress while working. Lululemon prioritizes employee health when allocating funds, as a result.
  • According to Lululemon, there shouldn’t be any gender disparity in compensation. For both men and women, there is equal pay.
  • Additionally, Lululemon offers paid leave for up to six months during pregnancy, paternity, and adoption.
  • Employees at Lululemon enjoy working in a friendly and secure environment. According to them, a successful company is driven by a positive work environment and content employees.
  • Compared to other similar stores, Lululemon pays higher hourly wages.
  • They offer their staff members training and development opportunities.
  • They provide global workers with access to powerful personal inquiry and embodied learning.
  • They also give their workers paid sick days and vacation time.
  • Additionally, employees receive individualized coaching to help them participate in the conscious and creative process that supports living up to their full potential.
  • Employees can also access the Lululemon business development program through an internship program offered by the company called IDEA.

Final Words: What is the Lululemon Employee Discount

If you’re looking for work in the retail space, a terrific option could be applying for a job at Lululemon.

Not only are they a fun working environment, but the Lululemon employee discount is top notch and one of the most generous in the apparel space.

One of the best instances of a business that values its employees is Lululemon. Even though it’s uncommon, we’re glad to see it!

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FAQs About What is Employee Discount at Lululemon

How to Use Lululemon Employee Discount In-store?

To begin shopping as usual, simply log in using your ID. When you check out, your purchases will then be discounted for employees.

What is the Discount for Lululemon Employees?

Lululemon’s employee savings wins at 40% – 60% off! Employees can get markdowns for up to 75% off the original cost.

If You Work at Lululemon Do You Get a Discount?

When making any purchases from Lululemon, part-time employees receive a 40% discount.

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