Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Expensive? 6 Reasons

Golden-Goose Shoes

If you are wondering why are golden goose shoes so expensive, you will find the answer here!

Golden Goose is an Italian shoemaker specializing in used sneakers. You might think that something that looks like it might not sell for a high price, but the Golden Goose sneakers will surprise you.

They are actually very expensive. One reason is that each pair is unique and handcrafted in Italy.

Keep reading, you will learn how do they attract a cult following among the elite.

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Golden Goose Shoes Price

Gold goose down print running shoes with 100% rubber sole, 80% leather lining and 80%-60% leather cover. The retail price is $1297.

The Golden Goose star patch lace-up sneakers are available in white, black and silver with a beautiful leopard print. They are made of calf leather with a 100% rubber sole. The current retail price at Farfetch is $1,029.

These comfortable printed running shoes feature a combination of white and grey cotton and leather with a 100% rubber sole. The running shoe retails for $1,297.

How Golden Goose Shoes Are Made?

Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Expensive

On any given pair of shoes, the right shoe may not exactly match the left shoe, which is intentional. They’re often similar in marks and pain (there’s a way to make you look more pain!), but the patterns aren’t always the same. See the photos above and below for more details.

Keep in mind that display boxes and storage boxes can also be damaged from time to time and will vary from model to model. This is worth noting as this is not a defect or damage during shipping and handling.

You’ll also notice the lining on the inside, which is not smooth leather or unfinished suede, but a looped cotton towel material, which keeps the shoe warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s also a purposeful design feature so your sneakers are comfortable to wear all year round.

These are the subtle design cues that make the Golden Goose sneakers so special.

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive?

So why is golden goose so expensive?

Now I am going to elaborate on the reasons behind Golden Goose shoe’s crazy prices so keep reading this article:

Premium Quality Material

To create distinctive products, Golden Goose does more than just use premium leather. Italy has exceptionally high leather quality regulations, so the company uses leather of superior quality that is durable and comfy. The leather also improves with age and gives the shoes additional texture.

They Are Handmade

The fact that each shoe is individually handmade is what makes Golden Goose sneakers special.

The artisans, known as Sneaker Makers, take their time meticulously crafting each pair to make sure it is as one-of-a-kind as possible.

Each pair also has its own unique skid stains and scuffs. It goes without saying that the team of sneaker makers must devote a lot of time and effort to this, which also rules out the possibility of mass production.

Golden Goose is Unique

why is golden goose so expensive

Since no two handmade items are ever created in the same way, they are well known to be extremely unique. In addition, Golden Goose as a brand wants to maintain its appeal. Supply and demand laws state that demand must increase as supply decreases.

As a result, the brand doesn’t oversaturate the market with identical products, instead focusing on producing distinctive and impressive collections. Wearers of sneakers won’t have the same appearance as every Tom, Dick, and Harry on the street as a result.

High-Level Comfort

On average, it may take five or six wears for a pair of shoes to fit comfortably and allow the wearer to move around without pain or stiffness.

Golden Goose, on the other hand, eliminates the need for breaking in by exposing its shoes to the weather well in advance of its shipment to customers.

Distressed Touch

The distressed finish of the Golden Goose sneakers is, arguably, the most talked-about aspect of them. Why pay for dirty sneakers is a running joke on forums.

However, devoted customers and detractors compare this to ripped jeans, which have become a standard in fashion. The sneakers have a “broken-in” appearance thanks to the scratches and distressed appearance.


Celebrity endorsements are another factor that might increase the cost of shoes. Usually, companies send celebrities promotional items to increase brand recognition.

Is Golden Goose a Luxury Brand?

Investopedia defines a luxury brand as a very popular item in society. Golden Goose has consistently named Airwave as one of the most popular brands in 2022.

The high price range ensures that only those with consumable income can afford hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes.

Luxury is also a kind of comfort and pleasure. Golden Goose sneakers are described as comfortable and durable. It can be said that the golden goose meets all the characteristics of a luxury brand.

Conclusion: Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Expensive

So why are golden shoes so expensive?

Golden Goose sneakers are known for their uniqueness, comfort, and use of premium materials.

It’s a luxury shoe with a unique style, and it’s also quite expensive.

Although they cost a lot of money, the quality of their materials ensures the durability of the shoes.

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Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Popular?

The shoe’s distressed appearance serves a functional purpose in addition to being aesthetically pleasing.

Are Golden Goose Worth it?

Overall, the shoes are incredibly strong and light. There was no need to break in the Golden Goose sneakers because they were already worn. They are cozy enough to enter right out of the box. When you purchase a pair of Golden Goose shoes, you can unwind knowing that you won’t have to worry about maintaining their impeccable appearance.

How to Clean Golden Goose Shoes?

To begin with, always remove any dust or loose dirt with a soft-bristled brush or toothbrush.

Where to Buy Golden Goose Shoes?

On their official website and in their physical stores, all of their shoes are available for purchase. To find a store near you, use their store locator page. Additionally, the majority of their footwear is sold in department stores like Nordstrom, Lyst.com, Bernard Boutique, etc.

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