Why Are Golden Goose Shoes So Expensive?

Golden-Goose Shoes

Golden Goose is an Italian shoemaker specializing in used sneakers. You might think that something that looks like it might not sell for a high price, but the Golden Goose sneakers will surprise you.

They are actually very expensive. No matter how much they cost, the shoes would get the wearer thrown out of any fancy restaurant with a strict dress code. So why are they so expensive and how do they attract a cult following among the elite?

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Golden Goose Shoes Price

Gold goose down print running shoes with 100% rubber sole, 80% leather lining and 80%-60% leather cover. The retail price is $1297.

The Golden Goose star patch lace-up sneakers are available in white, black and silver with a beautiful leopard print. They are made of calf leather with a 100% rubber sole. The current retail price at Farfetch is $1,029.

These comfortable printed running shoes feature a combination of white and grey cotton and leather with a 100% rubber sole. The running shoe retails for $1,297.

How Golden Goose Shoes Are Made

On any given pair of shoes, the right shoe may not exactly match the left shoe, which is intentional. They’re often similar in marks and pain (there’s a way to make you look more pain!), but the patterns aren’t always the same. See the photos above and below for more details.

Keep in mind that display boxes and storage boxes can also be damaged from time to time and will vary from model to model. This is worth noting as this is not a defect or damage during shipping and handling.

You’ll also notice the lining on the inside, which is not smooth leather or unfinished suede, but a looped cotton towel material, which keeps the shoe warm in winter and cool in summer. It’s also a purposeful design feature so your sneakers are comfortable to wear all year round.

These are the subtle design cues that make the Golden Goose sneakers so special.

Is Golden Goose a Luxury Brand?

Investopedia defines a luxury brand as a very popular item in society. Golden Goose has consistently named Airwave as one of the most popular brands in 2022.

The high price range ensures that only those with consumable income can afford hundreds of dollars on a pair of shoes.

Luxury is also a kind of comfort and pleasure. Golden Goose sneakers are described as comfortable and durable. It can be said that the golden goose meets all the characteristics of a luxury brand.

Why Are Golden Goose Sneakers So Expensive?

Golden Goose Sneakers
  • Handmade

The most unique aspect of the Golden Goose sneakers is that each shoe is individually handcrafted. Sneaker makers, known as artisans, spend a great deal of time on each pair of shoes to make sure they’re as unique as possible.

All scratch marks and slip marks on each shoe are also created individually. Obviously, this required a lot of time and effort from the sneaker manufacturer’s team, which also meant mass production wasn’t an option.

  • Expensive leather

Golden Goose uses calf leather on the shoes. Calfskin is actually quite expensive compared to other leather types.

According to fashion design experts, calfskin is more expensive because of the smaller surface area of ​​the raw material and therefore less product. This in turn drives up the price of sneakers.

  • Bad touch

Arguably the most discussed topic about the Golden Goose sneakers is the painful touch. The joke on the forums is why to pay for dirty sneakers.

However, loyal customers and critics liken it to the ripped jeans that have become mainstream. The signs of wear and the look of wear give sneakers a “run-in” feel.

  • The golden goose is unique

Handcrafted items are known to be quite unique as no two items are the same. Furthermore, Golden Goose as a brand aims to maintain its popularity. The law of supply and demand states that as supply falls, demand rises.

Therefore, the brand does not flood the market with all products but maintains the uniqueness and excellence of the collection. That means sneakers won’t be like every Tom, Dick and Harry on the street.

  • Height of sneakers

The Golden Goose sneakers have a hidden wedge in the sole that adds height to the wearer. This height difference has an elongating effect on the legs, a favorite feature of female buyers.

The Women’s Sneakers section reviews claim about heel size as a buying determinant.


Golden Goose sneakers are known for their uniqueness, comfort, and use of premium materials.

It’s a luxury shoe with a unique style, and it’s also quite expensive.

Although they cost a lot of money, the quality of their materials ensures the durability of the shoes.

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