Does Sunscreen Help Acne? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Does Sunscreen Help Acne

Sunscreen helps protect your skin from dangerous UV rays that can motive signs of aging on your skin, like fine lines and wrinkles. But does sunscreen help acne?

The general view is that sunscreen does have some benefits in phrases of improving conventional pores and skin fitness and perhaps decreasing the range of breakouts.

In this article, we’ll discover the significance of the usage of sunscreen when dealing with zits and the elements to appear and keep away from to ensure clear, healthful skin.

Does Sunscreen Cause Acne?

For the most part, sunscreen no longer motive acne. However, positive kinds of sunscreens can motivate or irritate zits if they incorporate substances that irritate the pores and skin and clog your pores. But this is why it’s necessary to use non-comedogenic sunscreen. Non-comedogenic sunscreen won’t clog your pores, which means it shouldn’t contribute to breakouts.

There are two kinds of sunscreens you can choose: chemical sunscreen and physical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreen penetrates into the pores and skin and then absorbs UV rays and converts them into heat, which the physique will then release.

Physical sunscreen, on the other hand, sits on the pinnacle of the pores and skin and displays the sun’s rays. It is believed that chemical sunscreen is probably worse for your skin, as it can irritate the pores and skin which may additionally make a contribution to breakouts.


So, Does Sunscreen Help Acne?

Yes! But how does sunscreen help acne scars?

In addition to defending your skin from UV rays—including decreasing publicity to free radicals which correlate to worse acne—and signs and symptoms of aging, sunscreen can additionally assist your skin. In fact, sunscreen can virtually help treat uneven skin and reduce pores and skin redness.

Does Sunscreen Help Acne

Think of it this way: when you get a sunburn, your pores and skin are going to turn out to be crimson and inflamed. So any present pimples you can also have are solely going to seem worse.

Inflammation can irritate zits and can even cause scarring, which can be even tougher to repair than acne. Plus, solar publicity darkens pores and skin and can make scarring and different darkish spots greater noticeable.

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Ingredients to Look for in Sunscreen for Acne-Prone Skin

While positive sunscreen components must be averted for acne-prone skin, there are additionally some particular elements that can absolutely assist in stopping and dealing with acne. Not only are these elements really useful in sunscreen, however, they can additionally be useful components in skincare merchandise for touchy skin. Look for sunscreens that include these ingredients:

  • Zinc oxide: Zinc oxide is a factor of bodily sunblock, which can guard from ultraviolet rays and minimize irritation. It is additionally non-comedogenic, which means it does not block pores.
  • Titanium dioxide: Titanium dioxide, in a similar fashion to zinc oxide, is a bodily sunscreen factor that safeguards the pores and skin from solar publicity except for impeding the pores.
  • Niacinamide: Niacinamide, a shape of nutrition B3, is a famous skincare ingredient that can decrease irritation and inflammation-related redness. It has been determined to be a beneficial treatment for acne, too.
  • Centella Asiatica: Centella asiatica is a plant that has come to be famous in skincare due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. It has additionally been proven to defend in opposition to environmental stressors, aka these unsafe UV rays.
  • Green tea extract: Green tea extract is an herbal antioxidant that can assist in limiting infection and redness in the skin.

Ingredients to Avoid in Sunscreen for Acne-Prone Skin

When selecting a sunscreen to use on acne-prone skin, it’s desirable to be aware of which sunscreen components to avoid.

It’s crucial to appear for merchandise that is labeled “non-comedogenic,” which skill that they are mainly formulated no longer to clog pores, a big perpetrator to these pesky breakouts.

Does Sunscreen Help Acne

We propose the use of a certain face sunscreen on your face as a substitute rather than questioning if your physique sunscreen can be utilized on your face.

Another key to discovering the right sunscreen is discovering the proper sunscreen for your precise pores and skin type. Some established substances that you have to keep away from in sunscreens for acne-prone pores and skin include:


Sunscreens that include specific sorts of comedogenic oils, like coconut oil and soybean oil, can clog pores and exacerbate acne. It’s additionally essential to observe that no longer all oils are comedogenic for all people for the reason that everyone’s pores and skin is unique. Look for oil-free or water-based sunscreens instead.

Non-mineral Sunscreens

Depending on an individual’s pores and skin sensitivity, non-mineral, regularly known as chemical sunscreens, such as oxybenzone and avobenzone, can cause inflammation and breakouts in some people. Consider the use of a bodily or mineral sunscreen with substances like zinc oxide or titanium dioxide instead.

Fragrance Irritants

Some fragrances in sunscreen can additionally irritate the pores and skin and reason pimple breakouts. Look for face sunscreens that are EU-allergen-free or fragrance-free.

Conclusion: Does Sunscreen Help Acne

So, does sunscreen help acne? Yes, it certainly does. 

Using sunscreen is crucial for defending your pores and skin from the sun’s hazardous UV rays, particularly if you’re dealing with acne.

While it can also appear counterintuitive to add any other product to your skincare routine, sporting sunscreen can definitely assist in stopping pimples and limiting the look of PIH (post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation) after a breakout. Wearing an everyday SPF is important, even when it’s cloudy, to assist in guarding your skin.

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Does Sunscreen Help With Dark Spots?

Applied daily, sunscreen can forestall new dark spots and patches.

Does Sunscreen Help With Hyperpigmentation?

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