How Long Does Semi-permanent Hair Dye Last? Answered

Semi-permanent Hair Dye

Wondering how long does semi-permanent hair dye last? Most semi-permanent hair dyes are made to last between 4-6 weeks, but you could see it gradually start to fade prior. We will introduce some tips on making semi-permanent hair dye last longer.

For those who want to switch up their appearance without committing (or spending) a lot of time or money on the process, semi-permanent hair dye is the ideal choice.You can try out the look for a while.

Firstly, let’s define semi-permanent hair color.

What is Semi-Permanent Hair Dye?

Semi-permanent hair color is applied to get changes in the natural shade of hair for a short time. The semi-permanent dye coats the hair shaft’s surface.

Thus, these dyes don’t fundamentally change the hair color like permanent dyes. Most people think about semi-permanent dye because it is simple to use and simple to take out. Moreover, these dyes can be combined with different colors and shades.

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How Long Does Semi-Permanent Hair Dye Last?

Most semi-permanent hair dyes are made to last between 4-6 weeks.

How long your semi-permanent hair dye will last depends on a few things:

  • How often you wash your hair.
  • What products you use (always use sulfate free shampoos and conditioners that are suitable for coloured hair)
  • Your lifestyle and exposure to colour faders like sunshine and sea water.
  • Darker dyes will stay in your hair longer, so choose them carefully.
  • Your hair’s texture plays a role in how long the dye lasts; porous hair will have absorbed the dye more effectively.

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Benefits of Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Benefits of Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

If you’ve decided that you want to try semi-permanent color, you can also enjoy the following benefits:

Long Lasting But Not Permanent Color

Depending on how frequently you wash your hair and the products you use, this type of dye lets you enjoy your new hair color for anywhere between 4 and 6 weeks.

Easier to Remove

It’s also simpler to take out because it’s not a permanent hair color and doesn’t saturate your hair strands.

Semi-permanent dye can be removed in a number of ways, but the simplest is to shampoo frequently until the color is completely gone.

Less Damaging

This color doesn’t alter the composition of the hair or contain harsh chemicals. As a result, it doesn’t harm hair as severely as other hair colors.

More Natural Results

High-quality semi-permanent dyes are kind to hair and can even leave your tresses feeling soft and shiny.

They frequently seem more natural—like natural highlights—because they aren’t always as vivid as other types of color.

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How Can I Make Semi-permanent Hair Dye Last Longer?

Try using these suggestions to prolong the life of your semi-permanent hair color.

How Long Does Semi-permanent Hair Dye Last

Optimize the Dyeing Process

By shampooing your hair and omitting the conditioner, you can make your hair more porous. More dye from the semi-permanent dye will be captured by it. Before coloring it, make certain that it is completely dry.

After applying the color, turn on a blow dryer or step outside in the scorching sun to add heat. This step aids in spreading the color throughout your hair. Use cold water to rinse out the dye when it’s time to wash it out.

Skip Washing and Use Dry Shampoo

We aren’t suggesting that you forgo shampoo entirely. To keep the color longer, you should only shampoo your hair once or twice per week. Use a dry shampoo to dry out your scalp and prevent greasiness.

Some companies offer tinted dry shampoos that can help you restore some color as the dye ages. To keep your hair soft without fading the color, continue your conditioning regimen.

Try a Color-Safe Shampoo and Conditioner

Color-depositing shampoos and conditioners will add more color back to your hair each time you wash it, helping you retain the dye. These items preserve the color of your hair and mask semi-permanent dye that is fading.

To deposit color back as you wash, you can mix some remaining dye with your regular shampoo and conditioner. It will assist in reversing the drying effects when added to a moisturizing product.

Avoid Damaging Products and Situations

The cost of color-depositing products can be high, but color-safe shampoos and conditioners are widely available and reasonably priced. To maintain your natural oils, look for one without sulfates. Aim to use heated tools less frequently overall. Blow drying, flat ironing, and curling all fade your color.

Make sure to apply a heat protectant, and look for heatless styling techniques. Although spending the day at the pool sounds enjoyable, the chlorine and heat can fade your color. Use a protecting hair serum, put on a hat, or don a swim cap to reduce damage.

Difference Between Permanent and Semi-Permanent Hair Color

1. Unlike permanent hair colors, semi-permanent hair dyes don’t harm hair. Such harmful substances as peroxide and ammonia are absent from these dyes.

2. Permanent hair dyes change the actual color of hair by affecting melanin. Semi-permanent hair dyes, on the other hand, cover the hair shaft. As a result, the hue appears to be permanent hair dye.

3. Semi-permanent hair dyes offer a quick fix that is simple to use and simple to take out. Moreover, people can remove some of these dyes in just one wash. Permanent hair color, usually, can’t be affected by hair wash.

Conclusion: How Long Does Semi-permanent Hair Dye Last

When deciding which dye to use, having more knowledge about semi-permanent color will enable you to make a more informed choice.

You should now be aware of the advantages of semi-permanent hair dyes as well as how long they last.

Semi-permanent hair color has a gentler formula than most permanent dyes and usually lasts for 4-6 weeks.

Use semi-permanent dyes if you want to change the color without harming your hair. You can also experiment with the shades by mixing the dye with other hair dyes.

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Is Semi Permanent Hair Dye Damaging?

Semi-permanent dyes are not dangerous and will not lift the natural colour pigments of your hair, it will simply deposit colour onto the hair.

Does Semi-permanent Hair Colour Wash Out Completely?

Yes, semi-permanent hair dye will wash out completely with shampoo. It may take several washes to get the color out, but with each wash, more and more pigment will be washed out until it’s all gone.

How Do You Remove Semi-permanent Hair Color?

Clear your hair with a clarifying shampoo. Rinse your hair well after using shampoo and conditioner.

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