Why is Urban Outfitters So Expensive? Top 8 Reasons 2023

Why is Urban Outfitters So Expensive

A well-known clothing company called Urban Outfitters sells fashionable clothing made from high-quality materials. Have you bought cloth before and wondered why is urban outfitters so expensive? The following includes a list of the top eight causes.

Their clothing usually has a starting price of $55 and goes up from there. Even their shoes cost around $100.

You’ll discover what drives its high price if you keep reading.

Why is Urban Outfitters So Expensive? 

Is Urban Outfitters expensive? Yes, we would say Urban Outfitters is pricier than expected. 

Here are the main reasons that lead to Urban Outfitters’ expensive cloth.

1. Performance

The vast majority of Urban Outfitters stores aren’t performing as well as they used to.

It takes a lot of effort to maintain all of the open stores, which are practically spread out across the globe.

Urban Outfitters struggled for a while with their products failing to sell.

With closings around the $41 x 1,000 level from February 2021 to August 2021, their stock performance was strong.

But lately, their closings have been closer to the $30 x 1,000 range.

The 30 x 1,000 performance has also been common over the past five years.

Struggling to make any upward movement, Urban Outfitters is closing some of its stores.

The only way to survive reduced sales is to increase the price of those that are selling.

They are required to provide the performance that the rest of their products are lacking.

The issue with this is that if the price increases too much, customers may also stop buying.

Urban Outfitters relies on the young adults having a sizable enough disposable income to spend on clothing because they target young adults and teenagers.

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2. Unconventional Clothing

Why is Urban Outfitters So Expensive

Urban Outfitters has a reputation for unconventional clothing.

Some of their clothes feature profanity while others focus on cult art and punk-style attire.

One of the few well-known companies that sells this kind of clothing is Urban Outfitters.

They can charge more for their unconventional clothing as a result.

For teenagers and young adults, it can be challenging to locate those fashions elsewhere.

They find it much more convenient to go shopping with their friends rather than to search for a more obscure store.

They might not even be aware that there are other retailers, especially online, who offer comparable clothing.

Urban Outfitters, on the other hand, provides them with easy access to convenient shopping for unconventional clothing types and designs.

The retailer has the right to raise the price further if there is a lot of interest in this particular type of clothing.

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3. Independent Artists

is urban outfitters expensive

When Urban Outfitters does pay independent artists for their designs, that also eats into their budget.

Urban Outfitters is known for, among other things, showcasing designers with distinctive aesthetics.

The designs they create bring a lot of popularity to the brand overall.

In this regard, Urban Outfitters differs slightly from other clothing retailers.

Over well-known artists, they favor concentrating on independent, obscure artists.

Though sometimes expensive for the store, purchasing their designs can be.

If they already see a reduced revenue because of other various factors, then paying for independent artists only makes the problem worse.

As a result, the design now costs more money.

It supports the shop and aids in defraying the cost of the design’s purchase.

Every design from the artist moving forward will cost more money if the current one is a success.

The store is aware that its patrons appreciate the artwork of that artist.

4. Mixing Apparel With Home Commodities

is urban outfitters expensive

Clothing isn’t the only product that you’ll find at Urban Outfitters.

All of them offer products for your house or apartment.

These frequently match the same kind of unconventional fashion as their clothing.

Their prices are higher because they must manage both home and clothing products.

The reason for this is that Urban Outfitters requires a lot more warehouse space to store their home goods.

It can be expensive to pay for rentals, shipping, and to buy furniture and other items.

The business must raise prices to pay for those costs.

Similar to their clothing line, their home department focuses on high-quality goods.

These products aren’t inexpensive.

They have to invest a lot of money because they are purchasing them in bulk for all of their stores.

Prices might have been a little bit lower if Urban Outfitters had only continued to sell clothing

They have to put in more effort to sell both because they’re attempting to be both an apparel store and a home department store.

Each department supports the other.

Prices on the other side of the store are also impacted if one begins to lose popularity and sales.

Given that it is two stores in one, Urban Outfitters is costly.

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5. High-Quality Materials

Urban Outfitters

One of the main reasons that Urban Outfitters uses to justify its high prices is that they use high-quality materials in their products.

Somewhat, this is accurate.

High-quality materials are used in many of their apparel products to increase their longevity.

They feel more comfortable next to the skin and bring the colors and shapes of the designs on them into sharper focus.

They also make excellent shoes.

The best materials are used to make them so that they can withstand a lot of abuse and last for years.

The phrase “or else” is not permitted in any sentence.

They’re at least the most realistic imitations of more expensive materials.

Due to the higher cost of high-quality materials, their products are more expensive.

They take longer to process and more time to harvest.

Even rare sources are sometimes used to obtain them.

Due to their rarity, Urban Outfitters must pay more for them. Those costs are then passed on to the buyer.

By paying a high price for the product, the consumer bears the expense. It helps cover the cost of manufacture and gives the store revenue. Low-quality materials are used in cheaper products because of this as well.

They are able to sell a less expensive product and still turn a profit as a result. The prices at Urban Outfitters are higher because they want to sell high-quality goods.

You can read our Urban Outfitters Reviews for more information.

6. Keeping the Cool Factor

Urban Outfitters takes the same stance on its prices as many other high-end stores do.

They believe that if they were to make their store more accessible by lowering their prices, then the store would lose its “cool” and “exclusive” factor.

The exclusivity of the design is rendered meaningless if anyone can purchase it.

Urban Outfitters is aware that the teenagers and young adults who visit their stores do so because they want to feel different.

To set trends is what they aspire to.

Urban Outfitters High price

When everyone buys the same cheap shirt, it is more difficult to accomplish that.

They limit the number of teenagers and young adults who can purchase their clothing by maintaining high prices.

Those who can afford them feel cool and like they belong to an exclusive club because of this.

They keep making stops at the store because they want to maintain that feeling.

Urban Outfitters gives its customers the impression that they are cool, influential, and exclusive by restricting access to their products to those with incomes high enough to buy them.

7. Price Setting Policy

Another reason why is Urban Outfitters expensive is that they set their prices that way.

But not every product they sell is priced outrageously.

Great deals on products of excellent quality are available.

However, the majority of their offerings are thought to be very expensive.

8. Limited Editions

Last but not least, Urban Outfitters charges a premium because of its limited edition products. Their vinyl records, in particular, are frequently only made in a small quantity.

Many musicians even make Urban Outfitters the only place to purchase their vinyl music. Because you can only get them at the store, the price for them skyrockets. When there is such an enormous demand, there is very little supply.

The top performers at the time are recorded on vinyl. You’ll find several Taylor Swift, Lana Del Ray, and One Direction vinyl records at their stores.

They make an exclusive agreement with the artist after trying to gauge what their target audience is listening to most.

That also implies that they must give the artist a certain sum in royalties.

The price of making the vinyl as well as royalties can add up. To cover the cost, the price for the vinyl record is high.

Urban Outfitters can charge a high price for vinyl records because they are uncommon, especially for today’s bands and artists. Their clients are unable to purchase them elsewhere.

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How to Save Money at Urban Outfitters?

If you want to support Urban Outfitters but don’t have the budget to afford their clothing, shoes, or home goods, then there are a few ways you can save money.

Follow these tips to save money at Urban Outfitters.

1. Search for Deals

Like any other retailer, Urban Outfitters occasionally has sales.

You can find regular sales on their website, whether they happen because it’s a particular holiday or just because.

You might want to sign up for their newsletter to stay informed about upcoming sales.

It will keep you up to date on any upcoming sales or product releases.

You can also use other coupon-hunting apps and websites to find other coupons to give you even more chances at making a deal.

In some cases, the original purchase may even be reduced by half.

It’s a fantastic way to purchase a design you adore without going overboard with your spending.

If you are not satisfied with what you bought, you can also return it to Urban Outfitters easily.

2. Thrift Shop

Going to a thrift store is yet another excellent way to save money on Urban Outfitters apparel.

Teenagers and young adults will eventually outgrow their clothing.

They frequently follow them to pursue cutting-edge fashions and styles.

These garments wind up in secondhand stores.

It’s an excellent way to purchase clothing of excellent quality for a reasonable price.

Since Urban Outfitters is a well-known company, it can be challenging to find their items at a thrift shop.

However, it’s worthwhile to look.

It’s like discovering a gold mine when you find a shirt, pair of shoes, or other items from this brand at a thrift shop.

Take the time to visit the various thrift stores in your area.

You can always find a fantastic product at an even better price, frequently in support of a worthwhile cause.

Other Stores Like Urban Outfitters

If you like Urban Outfitters, but you don’t want to shop there because of the price or quality, there are other stores like Urban Outfitters you could look at. Some shops can be found online or at your neighborhood mall.

  • Madewell is a store for you to purchase anything that is denim, from jeans to jackets.
  • Lulu’s and Revolve are online stores that will offer you amazing clothes at an affordable price. Designer apparel, footwear, and accessories are widely available on Revolve.
  • Reformation has a lot of designs that Urban clothing retailers will connect. The merchandise is high quality, and it comes at a fair price.
  • Boohoo has been around since 2006. Although it is not as well-known as UO, it has established itself over time in the fashion industry.
  • Topshop is geared towards more mature and sophisticated fashion lovers. Dresses, footwear, and t-shirts are available. You ought to check out this store.
  • ASOS has a limitless array of fashionable clothes, and they offer a more comprehensive range of sizes. They are all high quality yet affordable, with most going for less than $30.

Conclusion: Why is Urban Outfitters So Expensive

Urban Outfitters is known for having costly apparel. While the majority of their products are of a high caliber and are reasonably priced, some are overpriced.

The company has been involved in some cases concerning the ethical lines crossed for the sake of profit. They have had to remove a few of their products from the shelves as a result of this.

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FAQs about Why is Urban Outfitters So Expensive

Why is Urban Outfitters So Popular?

Fans of Urban Outfitters know they can go into the store for clothing and niche home goods.

Is Urban Outfitters Fast Fashion?

Yes, it is a fast fashion brand for women and men.

Is the Quality of Urban Outfitters Good?

Urban Outfitters has a consumer rating of 2 stars from 530 reviews indicating that most customers are generally dissatisfied with their purchases.

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