Is Modcloth Legit? Everything You Need to Know


Many people may wonder, “Is Modcloth legit?” Yes, Modcloth is a legitimate clothing site for women that specializes in carrying a wide-range of clothing sizes for just about everyone.

Modcloth is one of the most well-known places you can find vintage and retro-inspired clothing, a longtime online retailer that walked so other vintage-inspired clothing stores could run.

We will provide a concise overview that covers Modcloth shipping, Modcloth returns, and more information, to see if Modcloth is your our best option for shopping.

About Modcloth

This section of our Modcloth review will go a little bit more in-depth about Modcloth and the company for those who are curious about it and what it is specifically. The website sells a huge selection of dresses, blouses, shoes, accessories, and even home goods for women.

Is Modcloth Legit

High school sweethearts Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger founded Modcloth in 2002 while they were still in college. The distinctive and vintage-inspired styles at Modcloth were inspired by Susan’s passion for thrift store shopping.

Modcloth offers a full range of sizes because they think that fashion is for everyone. The growth of Modcloth since its founding has been phenomenal.

There are over 350 Modcloth employees spread out across the nation. San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Pittsburgh all have offices for Modcloth.

Is Modcloth Legit?

There are conflicting online reviews for Modcloth. In contrast, some people adore the product while others do not, just like with many other products.

With Modcloth reviews, that is unmistakably the situation. The quality of the clothing and complaints about Modcloth shipping make up the majority of the complaints.

When discounts are applied, Modcloth’s pricing is particularly appealing and they have very stylish clothing.

Many of you may wonder, “Is Modcloth legit?” Yes, Modcloth is a reputable online store for women’s clothing that focuses on offering a broad selection of sizes for just about everyone.

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Modcloth Pros & Cons

This ModCloth dresses review will cover some advantages and disadvantages now that you are more familiar with the company’s history.


  • Variety of attire ranging from clothing to shoes and accessories
  • Offers a unique collection alongside a curated list of vintage-inspired designers
  • ModCloth’s collection is made locally
  • A spectrum of price points
  • ModCloth outlet offers great deals
  • Positive customer reviews on quality


  • Only ships within the US at this time
  • Short returns window

Modcloth Returns

The Modcloth website boasts about their “easy returns” policy. You have a variety of options when it comes to Modcloth returns. Remember that Modcloth returns are only eligible for refunds within 30 days of the shipment date. Customers may, however, return their purchases within 90 days.

Modcloth returns can be handled in three different ways. To make things right, Modcloth will give you an additional $5 store credit if you decide to return your item for a store credit.

If you decide to get a refund, Modcloth will deduct the $5.99 shipping charge from the credit. Consumers have 90 days following the ship date to choose to simply exchange the item for another item as a final resort.

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How to Save Money on Modcloth?

You can cut costs when shopping at Modcloth in a number of different ways. You can receive notifications when a Modcloth promo code is made available as well as app-only discounts by downloading the Modcloth app.

You can choose to get email alerts about upcoming sales and discounts by joining the Modcloth email list.

Is Modcloth Legit

Search for Modcloth coupons if you plan to shop on the Modcloth website. The Modcloth promotional codes typically appear on the home page and also pop up while you are shopping.

Alternatively, you can look for a Modcloth discount code on the RetailMeNot website. The Modcloth promo code section has a list of all the discounts that are offered.

Is ModCloth Worth It?

An expensive price tag must be supported by high quality and style. According to what we’ve read and seen about ModCloth, their clothing appears to meet both criteria.

Aside from its own brand, ModCloth also carries items by Betsy Johnson and even Hello Kitty. The price range therefore varies according to the label, as you might expect.

The brand’s concept is profound, and the clothing reflects the well-made hand-sewn items of the era from which it draws its inspiration. Yes, ModCloth caters to a specific style, so not everyone who visits the website will fall in love with the collections.

ModCloth might be the perfect fit for you if you enjoy bright prints, lively designs, and timeless looks. According to our research, we think it’s worthwhile to look into the company.

Tips for Shopping on Modcloth

Sadly, there are problems that arise when buying clothing online. Until they receive the item, buyers frequently are unable to see and touch it in person.

As a result, the buyer might learn that the item isn’t what they initially thought it was. Quality is difficult to judge based solely on an online image and, regrettably, is only apparent once you receive the product.

Pay close attention to any Modcloth product reviews you may find. Download the Modcloth app as soon as possible to see photos from other customers in the style gallery and see how the clothing appears on actual people just like you. Be sure to return the item right away if there is a problem to avoid problems with Modcloth returns.

Keep your shipping options in mind when making a purchase. If you need the item by Monday and place your order on a Friday, overnight shipping might be your only choice.

If you have any inquiries regarding Modcloth shipping, give their customer service department a call. Even if you order something on Friday with overnight shipping, you might not get it until Tuesday because of the 10 a.m. EST order deadline.

Conclusion: Is Modcloth Legit?

Many women will enjoy the website because it focuses on stylish and distinctive women’s clothing. The fact that there are numerous ways for customers to save money when using the Modcloth website or mobile app will appeal to them.

Despite the fact that Modcloth offers stylish clothing at affordable prices, customers should conduct their own research before making any online purchases. Prior to making a purchase, be sure to read the Modcloth reviews.

Having the Modcloth app downloaded will give you an advantage because you can view the Modcloth Style Gallery to see how the clothing appears on real people just like you.

All things considered, we believe Modcloth is a great place to find clothing styles you wouldn’t be able to find just anywhere, but we also think it’s only really worthwhile if you’re looking to buy distinctive, retro-looking items that you know you can’t find at other stores.

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Who is ModCloth Owned By?

Susan Gregg Koger and Eric Koger founded ModCloth in the beginning. It has since been transferred among a number of parent companies, including Walmart, Go Global Retail, and right now Nogin.

Where is ModCloth Made?

ModCloth carries a variety of designer brands that produce goods all over the world. Portland, Oregon is the location of the brand’s signature line.

Is Modcloth Ethical?

When businesses want to collaborate with or partner with Modcloth, they must abide by the Ethical Supply Chain Guidelines, which were adopted by Modcloth in 2013. In order to ensure that there are no risks of slavery or human trafficking, Modcloth has also adopted a third-party to assess its business relationships with other companies.

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Is Modcloth Good Quality?

When it comes to Modcloth, quality is inconsistent. Customers have observed that occasionally they will receive extremely high-quality items, and other times they will receive low-quality items.

Does ModCloth Fit True to Size?

Fit is a subjective concept. Although some customer reviews claim that ModCloth’s clothing runs large, in general, their products fit true to size.

There are many different labels available at ModCloth, each with their own specific measurements. Typically, they stock the following sizes in dresses, tops, bottoms, and shoes (some items have limited sizes):

  • Dresses: XXS–4X
  • Tops: XXS–4X
  • Bottoms: 00–30
  • Shoes: 36–42

Is Fashion Nova Legit?

Fashion Nova has a consumer rating of 3.99 stars from 14,217 reviews indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Good quality, online shopping, and quick delivery are the three factors that customers who are satisfied with Fashion Nova most frequently mention.

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