What Is The Dolls Kill Return Policy? Things to Know

What Is The Dolls Kill Return Policy?

With the volume and variety of products the company sells, returning an item to Dolls Kill can be as daunting as deciding which item to buy. Thus it is important to know Dolls Kill return policy and exchange guide.

Generally speaking, Dolls Kill has a 30-day return policy for online item orders. Customers who want to return an item to Dolls Kill can do so within 30 days of receiving the item. Whether it’s clothes, shoes, or accessories.

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can choose to return it.

What Is the Dolls Kill Return Policy?

Does Dolls Kill do returns? Yes, the Dolls Kill return policy allows customers to return items within 30 days of delivery.

Whether its clothes, shoes, or accessories, if you’re not happy with an item, you can send it back.

But there are some limitations. Dolls Kill does not accept returns in the following cases:

  • Item is worn or washed
  • These products no longer have their original packaging and labels
  • Special items, such as intimate items, swimwear, and tights, without sanitary linings
  • Seals that have been broken or packaging removed from beauty products, sex toys, cosmetics, and pierced jewelry
  • The shoes you are returning are dirty or worn

How To Return Items to Dolls Kill?

Dolls Kill Return Policy

If you are returning an item from outside the US, please go to Dolls Kill’s returns page.

If you’re not sure if you need to create a return request, go ahead and submit one to be safe! It only takes a few minutes!

Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Step 1: Enter your order number and email address on the returns page
  • Step 2: Click Next and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Pack Your Items and Ship It Back to Dolls Kill

Returning items you bought on the Dolls Kill website can be difficult if you don’t have a brick-and-mortar store near you.

Luckily, there is one that can help you file your taxes on time, but it’s located in Los Angeles.

Dolls Kill’s Return Methods & Initiation Channels

Dolls Kill has partnered with Narvar, which allows local customers in the brand’s brick-and-mortar stores to return items purchased online or in-store to their physical location.

Narvar handles returns from all Dolls Kill retail locations.

Dolls Kill’s Return Window And Refund Timing

Dolls Kill has a better return policy.

They offer customers a 30-day tax filing window, which is great for those who move a lot and may need to adjust for income tax season.

Dolls Kill is also very good at prompt refunds.

Dolls Kill’s Return Policy Visibility

dolls kill returns

Dolls Kill does a great job with their product description pages (also known as PDPs). We’ve seen these pages contain everything from tons of images to item descriptions and even return policies; this may be underused, but Dolls Kill is confident because you’re looking for all unbiased information in one place.

While the retailer doesn’t link to its return policy from its separate product description page (PDP) — a practice that would earn it an “above par” rating, it does include useful sizing information on those pages.

Displaying this information above the PDP’s foldout may help Dolls Kill minimize unnecessary returns. Dolls Kill lives on individuality, making product decisions based on what’s best for the customer.

Dolls Kill does the same thing in the reverse logistics process – making sure the customer’s needs are structured in as many ways as possible that positively impact more people.

Dolls Kill Exchanges Policy For Returns

Many people might wonder does Dolls Kill do exchanges.

If you want to buy another item, the best thing to do is to return the original purchase, select the store credit refund option, and place a new order.

Customers outside the U.S. can only receive store credits as a refund, as purchasing international shipments is extremely difficult and time-consuming.

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How Long Will Dolls Kill Take to Process My Return?

You must allow a maximum of 7 business days for your return to be processed after the Dolls Kill facility receives your return package.

As soon as your return is processed, they will send you an email.

Conclusion on Dolls Kill Return Policy

Dolls Kill’s return policy is the same as that of many other multi-channel retailers in the US. They offer a standard 30-day period during which customers can return any item purchased from their online store.

However, their warranty on the product only applies to the US, and they do charge $25 for shipping for those farther from home.

In addition to this, Dolls Kill also limits refunds for problem items directly related to manufacture.

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FAQs about Dollskill Return Policy

Does Dolls Kill Do Returns?

Yes, Dolls Kill accepts returns within 30 days of your order being delivered to you. The refund amount will be adjusted if any returned items violate our policy and will be discarded.

How Long Will Dolls Kill Take to Process My Return?

You must allow a maximum of 7 business days for your return to be processed after the Dolls Kill facility receives your return package. As soon as they process your return, they will send you an email.

Are Dolls Kill Returns Free?

Dolls Kill offers free return shipping, but only to U.S. customers, to encourage desired behavior. customers who opt to receive store credit for their returns.

Can I Return Dolls Kill Online Purchase to the Dolls Kill Retail Store?

Simple returns are accepted at the Dolls Kill retail location for online purchases. To return a product you’ve bought online to a physical store, you must use a different procedure.

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